20+ Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction

best web scrapping tools

Post Last Updated:Tuesday, February 21, 2023Web Scrapers are tools designed to extract/gather data in a website via a crawling engine, usually made in Java, Python, Ruby and other programming languages. Web Scrapers are also called Web Data Extractors, Data Harvesters, and Crawlers most of which are web-based or can be installed on local desktops. Web …

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Best WordPress Hosting with Free SSL Certificates

WordPress Hosting with Free SSL


With various hosting services available, it can be a tough decision to pick the right company with each offering different features and competitive prices. In such circumstances, it is best to pick a pick a hosting service that offers a free SSL certificate. You might be wondering why an SSL certificate could be an important feature, so let’s get down to the basics.

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Top Facebook AD Spy Tools to Gain Competitive Advantage

Facebook ad spy tools

Facebook advertising can be very powerful if you know how to do it well. Facebook ad spy tools are a must for anyone looking to take their ads to the next level to maximize their return on ad spend.  All the top CPA affiliate marketers and E-commerce guys use advanced spy tools to copy ads and full campaigns.

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10+ Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks and Programs

Conceptual business illustration with the words pay-per-call advertising

Post Last Updated:Wednesday, February 22, 2023Did you know you could actually make a lot of money just by getting people to call a phone number? That’s the concept behind pay-per-call network marketing, in which brands and advertisers pay affiliates to get their prospects on the phone. It doesn’t matter if the lead turns into a …

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11+ Best Macro Tools for Gaming and Automating Repetitive Tasks

Post Last Updated:Sunday, February 19, 2023If you’re sick and tired of doing repetitive tasks on your computer and want to spend your time on more productive activities, I’ve got news for you. You don’t have to perform the same tasks again and again. Because you can automate them using a macro tool. Not sure what …

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Top Affiliate Dashboards to Manage Your Affiliate Networks

Now Amazon has slashed their affiliate commissions; thousands of affiliates will be looking to switch out their links and find new partners.  One ball ache with switching platforms is tracking all your clicks and commissions. You might end up using 3-4 different platforms for one website to promote all the products.

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Building a Passive Income in the Metaverse with Upland

how to earn passive income in the metaverse

Post Last Updated:Tuesday, February 21, 2023I started playing /investing in the Upland game around April 2021, when only 2 cities were live: New York and San Francisco. But what is it? Upland is basically Monopoly on the blockchain with property NFTs. You buy and sell properties, collect sets, receive yields and also have the ability …

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