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**Penguin Update**  Human edited quality directories are still fine, just dont go crazy!

Never under estimate the power of authority directories. There is no easier way to get authority links, but some will cost you. This list is some of the best directories you can have in your link profile and used by most SEO consultants. Metrics are taken from Linkscape/Open Site Explorer. Also included in this list are some places to add your blog. If your blog is a section on a main site, these directory links will ensure you are getting deep links into your domain.

This list will be continually growing, so please bookmark and keep popping back.

Clora – Awesome aged directory with lots of trust. Once you submit you get a very nice email of other authority directories owned by the same guys. They are well maintained and not spammed like most big directories. I have negotiated 10% discount, just use the coupon code SEODOCTOR on submission.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: $49.95 (10% with coupon) age: 15 years domain authority:
domain trust:

Dmoz – The ultimate directory that Google still loves so much. My advice – don’t even bother sending in your listing, its a waste of time. Most catagories are just not maintained.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: Free age: 11 years domain authority:
domain trust:


Yahoo Directory – Its a pricey directory but is said to pass a lot of authority I think it depends on your niche. If your url ends up on a page with 50+ others, I cannot see this passing much link juice.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: $299 (adult sites $600) age: 11+ years domain authority:
domain trust:


Best of the Web This is a quality directory, probably THE best. DMOZ is dead, Yahoo is over priced and your link ends up with hundreds of others on a page, diluting the link juice. BOTW also run a Blog Directory, which is a bit cheaper and you still get good links from an authority domain.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: $149.95/yr or $299 permanent age: 14 years domain authority:
domain trust:


Romow Directory - Another human edited, old directory. PR5. I like this directory as it’s one of the few that allows one-off payments. Manageing lots of yearly subscriptions can be very time consuming.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: $60 one-off or $120 annual featured age: 14 years domain authority:
domain trust:


Dirjournal – PR5 directory, hand edited directory. One of the few quality directories that actually allow deep links . So go and get those deep pages ranking.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: from $69 age: 2007 domain authority:
domain trust:


Aviva Directory - Human edited strong directory. Currently PR3, but a Mozrank of 6.90 with 1000s of external links.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: $49.95/yr age: 14 years domain authority:
domain trust:


Skaffe - Good solid directory, well worth a listing.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats :

Price: $44.99 per review age: 7 years domain authority:
domain trust:


BloggeriesOne of the best blog directories going, get those deep links to your blog.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: from $39.99 one off age: 5 years domain authority:
domain trust:


V7N Directory – Another great PR5 authority directory, one off payment review.

The SEO Doctor’s Stats:

Price: from $49.95 one off age: 2006 domain authority:
domain trust:


For bulk listings of FREE directories we recommend using Directory Maximizer, they will manage your submissions along with giving you a high quality reporting system.


Understanding Authority

Wiep has written a good post on authority links which is well worth checking out.  He talks about absolute and relative authority of websites, relative meaning niche specific authority.


Measuring Authority

Our Domain authority metrics are taken using the SEOMoz tools.  Below gives some ideas how they come up with this metric:

Domain Authority is SEOmoz’s calculated metric for how well a given domain is likely to rank in’s search results. It is based off of the Linkscape web index and includes link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and dozens more. It uses a machine learning model to predicatively find an algorithm that best correlates with rankings across thousands of search results that we predict against.

It’s best to use Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) as comparative metrics when doing research in the search results and determining which sites/pages may have more powerful/important link profiles than another. While more specific metrics like mozRank can answer questions of raw link popularity and link counts can show the raw quantities of pages/sites linking, the authority numbers are high level metrics that attempt to answer the question “How strong are this page’s/site’s links in terms of helping them rank for queries in”


Link Authority Videos

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Domain Trust & Authority from SEOmoz on Vimeo.

Understanding the SEOmoz Authority Metrics Part I


Understanding the SEOmoz Authority Part II