Google Penguin Creates Mass Unemployment in India

Last Updated on December 15, 2014 by Content Team

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Image Source: Reuters India

 Today internet workers protested outside Google Mumbai. Google’s recent algorithm change (called Penguin) has created widespread unemployment in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.  The Penguin update effected low quality SEO/link building services, much of  which was being outsourced by the US.   It is estimated that 80% of the worlds link building was carried out in India, many of the top SEO firms in the UK and Europe outsourcing work here.   They are now having to change the way they work and find new solutions, many not having the knowledge themselves.

One US Digital Marketing agency stated:

“90% of our business was outsourced to India, we assumed they had the knowledge to keep Google happy but we were wrong”

One Indian ‘SEO Expert’, Steve Patel,  used to work 15 hour per day ‘spinning’ content and uploading it to a large network of sites for US/UK clients. His youngest son, Ashwad (6yrs), had also been taught how to link build.  “Ashwad was getting very good on programmes like Xrummer, but now his future is in jeopardy”

Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam team) is expected to address the angry crowds tomorrow via video link from Google HQ.  He is expected to offer them support and ask them to watch some of his Webmaster Tools videos on how to link build the Google way.

“If you see a funny picture post it on your blog…you can get a lot of links very quickly”