Review of New SEOmoz Toolbar for Firefox

SEOmoz just launched their new Firefox toolbar , and it’s looking really nice.  For anyone who is addicted to SEO, this is a fantastic tool.

seomox toolbar for firefox

So what’s new?  Well its the Open Site Explorer metrics that have been added as the main feature, Page Authority and Domain Authority – all powered by Linkscape.  These new metrics are not 100% accurate but act as good indicators to a domain’s authority.  Knowing the Moz team, these will be greatly improved over time.

Authority scores take into account all the metrics we have about a page and hundreds of derivatives of those metrics. We’ve put the scores on a classic 0-100 scale that’s logarithmic (so moving from a 50 to a 60 is much harder than moving from a 10 to a 20). Over time, these metrics will change and evolve as we get better and better with our machine learning systems (and as the engines and the web itself changes).

SERP Overlay – For the those of you who have used other SERP overlays before, you know how slow they can be providing to much data and noise.  This overlay is simple, clean with just the key metrics being displayed.   I’m now getting rid of the others…

When viewing actual sites, you can click on the ‘analyze page’ feature which is packed full of all the best metrics any seo consultant could wish for.  If you are a SEOMoz Pro Member, there is a smorgasbord of data to dive into with one click.

There is some great page level data too, like the text to code ratio:


‘Page Attributes’ also gives the page load speed, a factor everyone is fretting about now as it’s a ranking factor.  The SEOMoz home page loaded in 4.62 seconds I am told, could be faster!

Some other tasty features:

  • Switch user agent to Googlebot – see your site as Google does. Turn off Javascript and you can get a good overview.
  • Don’t load images – Turn them off too and see the bare bones.
  • Nofollow highlighter – very useful.

In conclusion, this is an awesome new tool from the SEOmoz team and I’m glad they have moved their focus away from SEO consulting to work more on these types of tools.

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