5 Amazing Design Features Of An Opt-In Box That Works

Last Updated on December 30, 2013 by Content Team

5 Amazing Design Features Of An Opt-In Box That Works 1


When was the last time you clicked onto a new website and were desperate to give someone your email address? It’s not something that happens very often and when someone has the ability to cause that kind of reaction in people they will be very rich indeed. Those are the people who end up having huge email lists that turn into buyers. Everyone else can still make some nice money from a website, but nothing compared to what these people are making. If you can’t beat them you will have to join them.   That means causing the same reaction in people that land on your site. You need to turn your opt-in box into a conversion machine. How do you start? The easiest way to find the secret is by studying what the successful people do right. They definitely don’t just throw something together and hope it works. Let’s have a look now and we will go through a few things they all do. Start incorporating these into the design of your opt-in box and watch your conversions skyrocket.

Let’s start with the freebie

When you want someone’s email address it’s a good idea to offer them something in return. This is usually in the form of a free gift which can be anything you like. The most important thing is that you present it in an alluring way. That means you dangle a nice picture of it inside your opt-in box so they know exactly what they’re getting. The fact that it should be something they are interested in speaks for itself

Nail the headline

Even though the picture is going to be the first thing that catches their eye you still need to have an amazing headline telling people exactly what they’re getting. It should scream out at them and make them want to read the rest of the box. Remember that everyone in the world will always want something. You have the website they are on, so you should know what they want. The headline is just a teaser to let someone know they are getting it.

Explain what it’s about

Your opt-in box should always be short and sweet just like anything else you want the majority of people to pay attention to. You have a few sentences to tell someone what they are going to be getting when they join up. You have to use benefits instead of features because people don’t really care what your product is, they only care about how it will improve their life. Tell them how it can do that and your conversion rate will increase.

What do you ask them for?

When you see most opt-in boxes there will be a space for someone to enter their name and email. This will obviously depend on what you’re niche is, but sometimes it’s better if you don’t ask them for their name. It’s because the conversion rate will decrease and you don’t need to know their name anyway. If you ask for their email address there’s a good chance you will make more money. You obviously need to test this for yourself, but that’s what most people are seeing.

Prove you are safe

Right at the bottom you also want to tell them they won’t be spammed. They still don’t know anything about you and have no idea if you’re a spammer. When people sign up to certain lists they get abused so much with different offers every day. Tell them they won’t be spammed and you can even go as far as telling them how often they should receive an email from you. They’ll know what to expect and won’t be overwhelmed by it.