Top Affiliate Dashboards to Manage Your Affiliate Networks

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Now Amazon has slashed their affiliate commissions; thousands of affiliates will be looking to switch out their links and find new partners.  One ball ache with switching platforms is tracking all your clicks and commissions. You might end up using 3-4 different platforms for one website to promote all the products.

Yes, we had it easy with Amazon Associates simple and easy reporting – but it’s time to move on!

One way of managing all your affiliate network clicks, sales, and commissions is to use a dedicated affiliate dashboard to pull in all the data via APIs into one clean interface.

Reasons why you might want a dedicated platform

  1. Having to log into all your affiliate networks is time-consuming, especially if you have come from amazon associates only.
  2. An excellent affiliate dashboard will let you slice and dice data from your entire portfolio.
  3. Affiliate dashboards will present data in an easy-to-read format.  Some affiliate networks have terrible reporting features, like Shareasale – it’s like getting blood out of a stone.

Here are a few affiliate dashboard solutions that pull all your data into one place.


Affluent Affiliate Dashboard

Pricing: Free for 10 platforms ($10K commissions) – to enterprise-level custom solutions. £35/mth lets you integrate with 30 different affiliate platforms.

Affluent integrates with over 500 different networks, which is way more than their competitors. All the major networks seem to be covered like Awin, Shareasale, Tradedoubler, etc.

Interestingly, Affluent runs their own algorithm over your data to highlight any missed opportunities – they will highlight affiliate programs that might suit your audience with good EPCs.

Affluent also has their own API, which allows developers to access data easily without having to manipulate APIs from each network.

How to connect Affluent  to your Affiliate networks

This is pretty straight forward, you just need your Name, Affiliate ID, and grab the networks API token.  For each network, Affluent also explains where to find the API keys.

Affluent Analytics for sharesale affiliate networks


Mydash also integrates with email platforms if you are running affiliate offers via email lists -Mailchimp, Getresponse, and Activecampaign can all be integrated along with social networks.

When I initially looked at the dashboard, the documentation said your email and passwords were required for each network – this put me right off. Having signed up and added some affiliate networks, they all need API tokens.

connecting networks to myDash

MyDash Dashboard

Pricing: Project-based – €9/mth for 1 website to €49/mth for unlimited projects

The Mydash setup is very straightforward and is project-based, unlike the other dashboards I reviewed.

They have a decent selection of affiliate networks that can be integrated with the dashboard; all the main ones are covered.

How to connect affiliate networks to Mydash

-Once you have created a project and added your website url, head over to settings.
-Select the affiliate network you are using from the dropdown list
-For each network, Mydash gives you information on how to get OAuth2 token for your API credentials

All data is fully encrypted, as stated in the documentation:

No decrypted keys or passwords are ever stored or used for any other purpose as the one described above.

Mydash also lets you connect your Google analytics, but when I tried, it said Google had not approved the app yet.  They must use analytics and Google search console to provide traffic data in the project dashboard.

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Straker Affiliate Dashboard

Pricing: €10/mo to 50/mth for an enterprise solution

Straker easily looks the most comprehensive platform. They have a demo platform so you can get a feel for the layout.

Straker affiliate dashboard

Along with this overview, they also have dashboards for all the different networks, advertisers and programs, etc.  You can even look at the type of devices used across your entire portfolio of websites.

If you have ever tried integrating a lot of product APIs into one site, for deals or coupons, for example, you know it can be time-consuming.  Stracker pulls all the affiliate platform APIs into one single API for you to work with.  This will also be cheaper if you have to outsource API integration to a developer.

Straker integrates with 84 different affiliate platforms, here are just a few:

Strackr affiliate network integrations

Straker also lets you monitor the status of all the affiliate programs you have applied for; this is great when you are starting a new project. You might apply for 20 programs across 5 affiliate networks – I had to set up a custom spreadsheet to keep track.



Affilimate is the new kid on the block and wasn’t around when I first published this post in 2020. Affilimate was built by Monica Lent, you can check out her story on Doug Cunnington’s Youtube Channel.

I have not tried out Affilimate yet, but will be booking a demo and updating this post.

Affilimate seems to stand out from other platforms by providing more analytics into what articles/pages are maj=king the most mone and identifying top CTAs.

Most serious affiliate marketers have more than 10 websites, so this pricing is quite high.

cost of using Affilimate

Affilimate also has a great feature to fix broken Amazon links, which is a total ballache for anyone who has done a lot of affiliate marketing with Amazon.



Wecantrack combines 300 affiliate networks along with Google Analytics and Google Looker (data studio). The platform is Google Looker (data studio) based, so if you love the visual aspect of data studio, this will be a good choice.

demo of wecantrack


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