5 Best Affiliate Marketing Software For eCommerce Websites And SaaS Businesses

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract the right customers to your business. You simply reward affiliates with a cut of each sale they bring to your product or service. If done right, this marketing strategy can bring an impressive ROI to your business.

However, managing an affiliate program will require tons of resources especially if you are in the SaaS or eCommerce industry, where you have different types of products. And without the right type of affiliate software, it will be very difficult to keep track of things.

In this post, you will learn about some of the best software that makes managing an affiliate program very smooth with very little grunt work.
But before that, why is affiliate marketing a viable marketing strategy?

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Your Business

It connects you to your ideal audience

Affiliate marketing enables you to leverage the network of other people in your niche. And since you’re in the same niche, the leads coming from them are highly qualified with higher chances of conversion.


Amazon scaled it business by using affiliate marketing.  If you search for any ‘Best’ queries in Google, like ‘best lawn mowers 2020’, you will see pages of reviews on affiliate sites, many of which will link to Amazon products through affiliate links. These special links track clicks, and sales for Amazon and their affiliates using cookies.

Minimal risk

Since you are only going to be paying for results, there is really nothing to lose on your end. Affiliates earn a fraction of the sales they generate. So, it is a win-win for the parties involved.

How to leverage affiliate marketing for your business


If you are a large brand with big marketing budgets, you could afford to go with one of the large affiliate networks, who will charge you thousands in setup fees.  For small Ecommerce websites and starter Saas companies, low cost affiliate marketing software is the best option – You can get started for as little as $50/mth.

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Software For eCommerce And SaaS Businesses

To help you get the best out of your affiliate campaigns, here are the best 5 affiliate marketing software you should consider:

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing Software

Price: Starting from $49/month
Free option: 30-days free trial

LeadDyno is one of the leading affiliate marketing software out there. With this program, you can set up an affiliate program without any hassle. Also, it has an intuitive dashboard design that lets you monitor your progress and campaign ROI in real-time.

Key Features
Simple user interface.
Automated drip emails
Real-time monitoring

Pros of LeadDyno

Personalized dashboard

After onboarding, the software program allows you to monitor your campaign performance on your dashboard in real-time. From the metrics on your dashboard, you can easily check the top-performing campaigns and the dormant ones.

Additionally, everyone in your affiliate program will have their own personalized dashboard where they can create unique affiliate links, track click-through, and conversion rates.

Basically, the dashboard is equipped with everything they need to create and optimize campaigns for the best ROI.

One-click integration

LeadDyno integrates with major CMS and payment gateway like Stripe, PayPal, Big Commerce, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. Also, the software supports one-click sharing thereby making it very easy for affiliate links to get shared online.

Not only that, the software has a mobile version allowing you to monitor your campaign performance on the go.

See this video on how to setup Leaddyno on Shopify

How to Setup Affiliate Marketing for Shopify with LeadDyno

Customizable interface

LeadDyno is very flexible thereby allowing you to customize their interface to match your preference. You can add your brand logo, theme color, tag line, etc.

Cons of LeadDyno

Poor customer support

According to some LeadDyno past users, their customer support can not be relied on if you encounter any difficulties using the app. You may be forced to figure things out by yourself or hope that you get through to a customer agent.

More third-party integration

Although LeadDyno integrates with a handful of third-party applications, it does not support a whole lot of major third-party applications like Magneto, Stripe, Zapier, and so on.

Tapfiliate Affiliate Software

Pricing: starting at $69/month
Free option: 14-days free trial available

Next on the list is Tapfiliate, an affiliate program that’s specifically designed for eCommerce and SaaS companies. With Tapfiliate, you can customize commission structures to fit your business preference. Commissions can be one-time or recurring.

You can monitor affiliate conversion on your dashboard and automate payouts.

Key Features
Simple interface with extensive features
Seamless third-party integration
In-depth web analytics

Pros of Tapfiliate

Easy to set up
Tapfiliate is very easy to navigate. The onboarding process is very simple even if you’re not tech-savvy. You can set up commission structures, integrate with your SaaS platform or web store, and start getting ROI in your business in no time.

Customizable Interface
The affiliate software lets you take full control of your user interface. You add your company’s logo, brand colors, fonts, etc to fit your brand aesthetics.

Impeccable customer support
Tapfiliate provides you with highly supportive customer support that’s ready to listen to your inquiries and answer your questions. They will offer the assistance you need if you hit a roadblock using the software.

Cons of Tapfiliate

Does not integrate third-party apps
Some integration on Tapfiliate will require code deployment which can prove to be very difficult for a newbie. Also, the app does not allow you to send newsletters. If you would like to send newsletters, you will need to use mailing software like MailChimp or ConvertKit.

Their knowledge-based is not well structured
Tutorials on the Tapfiliate website are arranged in a way that sometimes makes it very difficult to find a topic you’re looking for quickly.

FirstPromoter Affiliate Marketing Software

Price: Starting from $49/month
Free option: 14-days free trial

FirstPromoter is an all-in-one advertising platform that allows eCommerce and SaaS businesses to track, monitor, and optimize their affiliate campaigns. The tool is used by many big companies all over the world and it allows automated activation, a customizable platform, and commissions.

Key features
Multiple currencies & Multi-tiered commissions
Quick integration with third-party platforms
Branded affiliate dashboard

Pros of FirstPromoter

Intuitive user interface
FirstPromoter has a very simple interface that makes it very easy to set up your affiliate programs without hassle. The program is very straightforward with no fluff. You can monitor your campaign performance in real-time.

Robust segmentation and flexible integration
You can adjust your commission based on the type of business you have. You can configure each campaign to have its own affiliates, commission/reward structure (recurring or one-time).

Also, each campaign can have its own signup pages and unique links.

Customizable dashboard
If you do not like the default dashboard interface, you can configure it to fit your preference. FirstPromoter allows you to add your preferred background, logo, borders, text colors on your dashboard.

Cons of FirstPromoter

Dashboard lacks some robust features
FirstPromoter’s dashboard lacks some important features that are needed to help make affiliate management more effective.

No mobile app
Another major disadvantage is that the software does not have a mobile version. Therefore, if you do not have access to a computer, it will be difficult to monitor the performance of your campaign.

Post Affiliate Pro

Pricing: starts from $97/month
Free option: 14-days free trial

Post Affiliate is another amazing affiliate software for tracking affiliate programs. The program is packed with a plethora of features some of which are advanced tracking, multi-language support, and many others.

It is simple, fast, and very scalable which makes it an ideal program for your SaaS or eCommerce business.

Key Features
Supports multi-tier commission and affiliate links
Equipped with fraud protection features that protect you against repeated orders, and clicks.
In-depth analytics of impressions, clicks, sales, and your affiliate commissions
Supports over 170 third-party platforms.

Pros of Post Affiliate

Excellent tracking system
Post Affiliate has an amazing tracking system that allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns. Also, you can automate other important aspects of your program and free up some time for other aspects of your business.

Simple user interface
This tool makes affiliate marketing very simple as it is very easy to navigate. Commissions and payments are automated.

Great customer support
The developers of Post Affiliate provide a great customer support system for all its users. Their customer care agents will provide answers to your questions and help you navigate any challenge you may be facing.

Cons of Tapfiliate
Limited customization option
Tapfiliate does not give room for extensive editing freedom and this can limit your effectiveness with creating creative campaigns. A clear example is when it comes to editing banners, the software does not allow much flexibility.


Pricing: Starts at $89.00/month
Free option: 14-days free trial

Refersion is an affiliate marketing software that’s specially built for web store owners. The program lets you design sign-up pages for different types of affiliate offers for your online customers.

You can track referrals and calculate commissions and affiliate sales without any sort of complexity.

Key Features
Integration with over 170+ CMS and Payment Gateways
Swift customer support system
Fraud Protection
Supports multiple currencies

Pros of Refersion

Clean and intuitive interface
Refersion has a very simple and clutter-free user interface that makes it very easy to track your progress. In addition, you can integrate it with external CMS and payment gateways with being a tech-savvy.

Supportive customer service
Their customer support is very helpful and is interested in genuinely helping customers solve any problem they might encounter using the program.

Cons of Refersion

Steep learning curve
It will take a lot of time to get used to Refersion as you’ll need to learn how to use the platform . This can be very overwhelming for newbies.
Comes with some major restrictions

Refersion does not allow more than one commission structure per affiliate. If you want to create more than one commission structure for an affiliate, you may need to consider another tool.