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If you are thinking of starting an Amazon affiliate site (Amazon Associate), here are some examples of sites in different niches making good monthly profits.  Some of the examples are huge, corporate owned websites, while others are small niche sites doing a nice monthly revenue from their traffic.

This is a growing list. I’ll keep adding sites as I come across them as I research different niches to enter myself.  If you have some good examples, drop them into the comments and let others know why you like them or anything they are doing differently from competitors.

*I started writing this post ages ago so some stats/traffic may be different now, especially after recent Google algo changes

General Huge Multi-Category Sites

Niche: General 

Site has been bought twice, initially by for $33 million.  Site has a very basic look and feel but lots of quality content, but unfortunately has never fully recovered from it’s peak. It must have been doing 5M+ uniques back in 2011 with multi-million affiliate commissions.

View this page to see how they build out categories –

Amazon Affiliate Website Examples - estimated traffic

Niche: General

Amazon Affiliate Website Examples - Productiveness organic traffic

Owned by Hearst Media, who also own magazines/websites such as Cosmopolitan and Esquire.  This site has already been under the scrutiny of SEOs who have outed for using footer links from their other sites.

Via Reddit

Here is a sampling of their SEO wizardry in action: – “Product Reviews” links to the homepage – “Products Reviews” links to their Tech category – “Beauty Reviews” links to their Beauty category – “Decor Reviews” links to Home category – “Beauty Reviews” to Beauty category – “Decor Reviews” to Home category – “Reviews” to homepage – “Reviews” to Hair category – “Reviews” to Car category – “Product Reviews” to homepage – “Reviews” to homepage – “Product Reviews” to Parenting category

This was also a dropped domain!! is a dropped domain

You can see Viperchill’s rant about this site here.

Niche: General

Nice looking site with more of a magazine feel than outright product reviews.

Awesome looking growth chart in SEMrush.

Amazon Affiliate Website Examples: growth in traffic since 2013

Niche: Outdoor

Amazon Affiliate Website Examples: Outdoor Gear Lab

This site has grown so big, they have done deals with suppliers direct, most of the affiliate links are direct with the manufactures…a much better way to go.  6000 linking root domains according to Moz and most look editorially given. They have also seen massive link growth this year.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 1

We really love their comparison tables, see this one below for tents.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 2

Niche: Tech

Part of the New York Times group, this site has huge traffic.

Thewirecutter traffic volumes

Niche: General traffic probably at 5 millions visitors per month

Owned by Purch Media, this is just one monster site within their portfolio. According to their main website, the above site gets 12 millions visitors per month…but they have bigger sites!

Tom’s Guide – 17.5 Million per month

Mobile Nation – 60 Million per month

Tom’s Hardware – 22 Million per month

Live Science – 11 million

Andriod Central – 20.8 million (no stats given)

How to Geek – 20 million

and they still have some smaller sites.

Not all their review pages have affiliate links on, which I think is a good strategy. Google has been known to penalize affiliate sites with too many affiliate links in the past.

The more you dive into this site the bigger it gets. It’s huge, with insane amounts of content.  Look at the category for headphones  – seems like endless pages of reviews and articles.  When you land on one of their amazon money pages like this, you see they have really gone to town with the table reviews.  Even the tables lead onto individual reviews in sub-folders of the main article.

Niche: General

bestcovery affiliate website, traffic since 2010

Another general review website covering multiple niches. Traffic has significantly declined from its 2012 heyday.  Looking at the SEMrush’s algo history, it seems they were consistently hit with every Panda update. The site is still doing very well though.

Highest traffic appears to come from Synthetic oils reviews page here:, which only ranks around #5. Sure this page could be greatly improved. I’d add the individual product reviews into a sub folder of the main page with breadcrumbs.  I would also add information on what makes a good oil etc, page is pretty thin on content in my opinion.

Niche: General

This site came to my attention when someone posted a ‘How the fuck is this ranking’ type post in an FB group.  And yes, it is totally bizarre!  The posts have hardly any content, yet the site is getting a huge amount of traffic.  There was talk of some big players behind the site, but I still need to have a real deep dive and try and work out what they are doing.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 3

Niche: General

From zero to nearly 2M visitors per month in 2018, very impressive traffic boner indeed. Would love to know who is behind this site 🙂 affiliate website

Who said repurposed domains stopped working in 2018?!  This site is built on an expired domain which goes back to 2013. Waybackmachine is currently not working, but the first links make reference to a list of nobel prizes winners.

look at some of the old links making up this expired domain

From the footer links, it looks like they are trying to tell G they also physical magazine with a link to the ‘magazine subscription’, page is blank though.


Niche: General

Another affiliate website that goes against the ‘content is king’ norm.  This site has even less content that the site above and have opted for a Pinterest type site.  The site does not even have product pages, every ‘check it out’ button is just an affiliate link to another store – or some kind of offer/deal.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 4

This site has huge amounts of traffic, with 100K+ of brand searches each month.

The site still manages to rank well for a lot of terms. #7 for ‘gifts for men’ (135K MS), their 2nd most visited page.  The page has infinite scroll but web crawlers like Googlebot will only see 279 words, yet the pages ranks for 4840 keywords!

I also believe the site has strong user metrics.  Although visitors will quickly click the affiliate links, they are taken to external sites in another tab.  Users are highly likely to close the new tab after and continue browsing Thisiswhyimbroke’s products page again. Similarweb estimates the average time on site is 1.43 sec.

thisiswhyimbroke com affiliate website

Niche Site Examples in Home Category

Niche: Wine Coolers

Interesting that its ranking with a .reviews domain, not a choice I would have made.

Great use to employing tables for a featured snippet for ‘best wine coolers’ – also got an image in there at date of search.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 5

Niche: Coffee makers

I stumbled across this site and just had a sneak peak at the visibility, who would a think a niche website for coffee machines would get so much traffic?!  SEMRush always report lower figures, so this site easily gets 100K visitors per month.

Traffic growth of coffee machine affiliate website

The site’s traffic comes from lots of #1 rankings:
#1 rankings for this amazon affiliate website

Takeaway: Ranking #1-#3 for decent keywords will really drive the traffic, conversions and commissions.  Look for all your terms ranking #4-#10 and build a strategy to push these to the top 3 positions.

Niche: Limited general 

This site is famous in the niche website world for generating 6 figures with only an 8-page website. The guy started the site in April 2016 and in December he did $88K profit in that month alone. You can read more about this site in Glenn’s article here.

amazon affiliate earings report

Niche: BBQ smokers

affiliate website fail

Great example of a really niche website, but its not looking good from the traffic/revenue point of views.  Probably hit by penguin and never really got doing.  Could be a good purchase for someone who is good at penalty recoveries. At the moment the site has no real value so you could buy it on the cheap.

Niche Site Examples in Health/Fitness

Niche: Running gear

This site focuses on the the treadmill niche only.  Comparison tables based, but very simple.

Site is a few years old and you can see they have been hit by Google updates constantly. Main drop coincides with Panda 4.0.

livelong affiliate traffic

Niche: Running gear

Another running site focusing on all things running. I’ve been having a good forensic dive into how this site has grown so big…it’s beautiful.  The origins seem to be a basic genesis site back on 2015

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 6

To the real beast it is today.

runnerclick com Organic Search Positions

The site must have been heading towards the million visitors per month mark before it was hit with the August 1st, 2018 core Google update.  Looking at the stats that’s 28% loss in traffic and probably 28%+ loss in revenue.

Looking at Majestic they have had a huge increase in linking domains this year, probably naturally as they are ranking for so many terms.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 7

These guys also own the following sites:,,  according to their footer links 🙂

If you fancy going into the health vertical, check out some of our top rated health affiliate programs.

Niche: Health – Gym Gear

Solid gym related website which managed to survive any hits from the medic update last August.

gym related amazon affiliate website

Check out the home page for this site. They currently have a great quizz users and quickly take which leads them to amazon product links they may be interested in. This is a great way to get visitors to ‘interact’ with your website, something Google loves.

Niche Site Examples for Weed

Niche: Weed Growing

In August 2017 this site was sold for $165K with the buy now button on Flippa.  The site also only had a root TF of 7, so never pay too much attention to metrics!

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 8

This is a great example of making big money by going really niche, especially in a growing market.

The site had excellent organic traffic and dominated all the top keywords in the niche.

dominating the weed growing serps

Takeaway: If you are buying an existing site, don’t worry about metrics like DA, TF, CF – all that matters is a site’s performance in search and traffic.  

Niche Site Examples in Outdoors

Niche: Outdoors

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 9

I’ve just been looking at this site as it competes with one of my niche sites.  Since January 2016 they have done incredibly well, building 100K monthly visits (rough estimate, always add more to semrush data).  They have also acquired over 880 referring domains.


Niche: Survival

Solid website in the survival niche.  They have also dodged all the algo changes since July 2018.  I looked at this niche as it’s really interesting, but now pretty saturated so decided against it.

survival mastery amazon affiliate website

The site has a lot of well written ‘how to’ guides, like their top traffic page ‘how to build a bomb shelter’. These pages are not heavily monetized and must be the driving force behind solid user metrics.

Niche Site Examples in Technology

Niche: Tech

I landed on this site whilst comparing 2 Samsung phones and was blown away by the data.  The pages look amazing.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 10

Not only do they give you lots of data in easy-to-read tables, but give you the option to compare products of your choice – great for engagement metrics like time on site etc.

20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019 11

There’s a big discrepancies with Ahrefs data on this site, who show nearly a 1 million users per month:

Versus 1 million keywords

Whilst the site was focused on phones initially, looks like they started expanding out into other categories whilst keeping phones as their primary authority.

Versus has done well with internationl SEO.  Whilst SEMrush is showing 200K visitors per month in the USA, they are also getting 100K in Germany, 100K in Spain and 60K from France, plus lots of other countries.

Versus is a great example of using apis to just pull in loads of data and auto generate pages.  Even the videos on the product pages are 3rd party and pulled in from Youtube.

They also don’t rely completely on Amazon and are promoting Ebay.


This post will be continually updated with new sites and niches so keep it bookmarked and keep popping back. If you stumble across the an interesting site with huge traffic, drop it into the comments or do a quick write up on the site and I will give some link attribution.

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