Best VPNs to use in 2022

best VPNs for 2019


In 2019, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are continuing to grow in popularity among savvy web users and are slowly breaking in to the average home user market. When you browse the web on your regular internet service provider you can be tracked through the IP address your router is assigned. If you are concerned about your privacy or are worried about identity theft then subscribing to a VPN will help put your mind at rest. A VPN masks your web presence by routing your browsing experience through its own IPs.

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Epacket Shipping – The Best Option for Ecommerce Dropshipping

Epacket Shipping – The Best Option for Ecommerce Dropshipping 2


Epacket Shipping – The Best Option for Ecommerce Dropshipping 3

The chances are that you’re reading this because you run – or intend to run – a dropshipping e-commerce business. But you have the perennial problem that dogs the start-up or small business and that is effective shipping to your customers. After all, you aren’t Jeff Bezos with an Amazon-level of infrastructure and their famous unlimited two-day delivery service. As a dropshipper you are relying on your products being dispatched from – say China – to your customers here in the States. Okay, so shipping times are going to be an issue but don’t forget the shipping costs either. Against Amazon Prime’s free delivery for any item your rates with AliExpress, FedEx and DHL are going to make your eyes water. Your usual option of offering free shipping is to either absorb the cost yourself or to add the cost on to the price of your goods. This has downsides of course – absorbing the cost hurts your profit margins, and adding the cost to your product makes you look uncompetitive.

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5 Interactive Inforgraphics that work

Best Interactive content on the internet

Interactive content is fast supplanting the static infographic that enjoyed its boom in the early 2010s. Today, a content marketer whose aim is to generate leads, clicks and engagement, the way forward is the use of emotionally targeted, interactive media. People react favourably to fun content that ties into their ego, experiences and curiosity. Let’s face it; we all prefer being part of an activity rather than sitting unengaged on the sidelines.
Content marketers use interactive content as a growth hacking technique to activate an audience by enhancing their company’s profile, brand and engagement. It boosts the relationship between a company and its audience; leading to trust and sales. This is the driving force behind interactive infographics and how they result in improved click rates on content, completion rates and lead conversion.

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A Complete Guide to Chatbots

guide to chatbots


There is a constant stream of innovation in the field of science and technology. Thanks to these advancements, individuals, businesses, and corporations are given the chance to make their products and services better and more efficient. Recently, after a boom in mobile applications, another sector in the sphere of technological transactions is gearing to take the world by storm. This technology aims to streamline technological interactions and make them more effective and accurate. Technocrats and messaging aficionados refer to this technology as Chatbots.

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Guide to Content Automation


Put simply, content automation is a method of generating great copy for your webpage based not on the work of a writer but that of a machine. When machines take jobs from humans it can be depressing; the end of an era, the loss of a livelihood and the termination of a career path many decades old. Whether it’s Otto’s self driving lorries that signal the death knell of the trucker or Blackstone Discovery’s analytical software that sifts through thousands of legal documents far quicker than any lawyer, we all fear for our jobs. Even the humble content writer composing an article like this is not immune.

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How to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Conversion Machine

Conversion tools for wordpress

WordPress is a hugely popular content management system that is used by tiny blogs and multinational companies alike. No matter how big or small your website, one of the things that will be of concern to you is improving your lead generation efforts. Fortunately, WordPress comes with a huge number of excellent plugins that help …

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12 Affiliate Niches for You to Explore

best affiliate niches to make money

Niche #1 – Information Marketing / “Internet Marketing” Although most beginners think this niche is saturated because of the volume of offers in it, the opposite is true. Thousands of new prospects are looking for ways to make money with an information marketing business on a daily basis, and with so many people struggling with it …

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Creating High Converting Mobile Landing Pages

high converting mobile web pages and how to build them

Getting a great number of leads and traffic from your affiliate sites into your landing pages won’t be enough to make a successful affiliate program. As a merchant or affiliate manager, it is your job to convert these leads into actual sales. With this in mind, it is downright essential for you to optimize your …

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UK Bank Halifax receives Google Penalty

halifax bank receives goolgle penalty for blackhat link building

  Further to Scott Mclay’s Twitter comment today about Halifax loans, I thought I would have a quick deep dive into the Google Penalty.   From my first impression it looks like the penalty was due to a load of widget links being indexed quickly, you can see the link velocity below on the Majesticseo graph. Yes …

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How to Become a Gmail Jedi Master

digital jedi gareth james

This post is ghost written by one of my bloggers, I outsource 95% of my life. The author’s views below are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Gareth James aka SEO Doctor For more than 9 years in the market, Gmail has been regarded as the King of Webmail. …

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The Affiliates Guide To Cookies

A guide to understanding affiliate cookies, how they work and how you can make money from using them. Note: Affilite cookie stuffing is illegal and WILL get you arrested.

The Affiliates Guide To Cookies 24Whether you are an affiliate or an affiliate hopeful, you’ve most likely heard about cookies. After visiting a website, a cookie is sometimes stored on a visitor’s computer to track information about the visitor. In affiliate marketing, this is how affiliate programs track visitors who click on affiliate links. The success of clicks on these links depends upon ad copy, image placement, and also cookie length. Some people, however, have learned to abuse cookies with cookie stuffing, like with the case of Shawn Hogan who used this blackhat method to make over a million dollars a month.

Let’s break down the basics of cookies and how they apply to you as affiliate marketers.

What’s Stored in Cookies?

A multitude of information can be stored in a visitor’s cookies such as his or her IP address, visit duration, date and time of visit, your affiliate ID, and even your website name. This is the information that affiliate programs use in their analytics to help you and their companies track clicks, conversions, and calculate overall return on investment (ROI) of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

How Do These Cookies Work?

Let’s say you have a review site for the Amazon Associates program, and someone visits your site and clicks an affiliate link. A cookie will be dropped on their computer to keep track of whether they make a purchase or not through your affiliate link. If a sale is made through this link of yours, then Amazon will award you with a commission.

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