20 Best CPA Affiliate Networks with the Top Paying Offers

If you are an affiliate marketer, chances are that CPA is not a foreign word to you. Most people have different views about what Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Affiliate Network is all about.

For those just starting out and are looking for the best solution for your website, this article is for you. By joining a CPA network, you stand making money without making a sale. This makes it an attractive venture for internet marketers. The fact is that getting in a CPA network, as lucrative as it seems, can be a tricky process.

Defining CPA

Cost Per Acquisition/Cost Per Action, CPA, is an advertising model where an action has to be completed as a result of an advertiser’s material, after which the publisher is paid. It can be downloading software or leaving an email address, registering or subscribing for an offer, filling a questionnaire, etc.

Benefits of a CPA Network

It’s a Cost-Effective Way of Marketing
CPA Network programs work as the middlemen of affiliates and advertisers. As an affiliate marketer, your concern will no longer be about how to launch an ad campaign for your site. Instead, the CPA network will do it for you. It saves you money since you won’t be paid for general advertising but for specific actions that result in earning money.

Simple Entry into the Global Market
As an advertiser, going global gives you multiple entries into the market. You will have a vast pool of publishers open to your needs. Not only that, the CPA network is always of great assistance when it comes to communication and cooperation with publishers.

It’s a way to monetize Traffic
Perhaps the most enticing benefit of using a CPA network is growing your website traffic and receiving commissions that add up to the bottom line which is making money and being financially secure.

Technology Security
Protection against fraud is a major advantage when working with a CPA network. You get the security tools that protect your business which saves you from any extra expenses that you could have incurred to protect your business from fraud.

It Keeps You Up-to-Date

When anything new and innovative hits the market, a good CPA network will be the first to know, and it will inform you about it. It gives you the upper hand as you introduce it to your readers and they can click and subscribe way before other sites have wind of what’s new and trending.

CPA Marketing Networks FAQs

How do I get find the best CPA offers?

We recommend building a relationship with your affiliate manager, they will hook you up with the best offers.

Single Segment vs. Multiple Segment CPA Affiliate Networks

Single Segment platforms focus on a certain niche. Ultimately, publishers and advertisers using this networks have to be in line with the said single-segment CPA affiliate network. But they are prone to shake-ups if the industry is hit by a crisis.

On the other hand, multi-segment provides a wide variety of offers. From software to food delivery, e-commerce, etc. Such networks have more advantages as they offer frequent payouts in a short time span like weekly and are able to pay in all currencies. Their innovative tools are great for newbies and pros alike.

How do I get started in CPA Marketing?

Full-time CPA marketers use paid advertising to promote offers, so you need good knowledge of running paid advertising.  You will need a good Ad spy tool along with a pro affiliate link tracker like Voluum.

If you are unsure where to start, try an affiliate marketing course to get the ball rolling.

Top 20 CPA Affiliate Networks

1. MaxBounty

This Canadian-based CPA Affiliate Network has also been around for nearly two decades. It is rated best in the game for its high conversion rates. Whether you want to earn some extra cash fast or are in affiliate marketing, you have a winner in this CPA network.

20 Best CPA Affiliate Networks with the Top Paying Offers 1

The network aims at providing a seamless online marketing experience for both advertisers and affiliates. And if you want to be ahead of the pack, this is the place to be for most affiliates.

We Maxbounty‘s interface, most affiliate networks are a total mess to navigate around.

If you are going to use this network, make sute you adhere to the traffic types allowed. If you send the traffic to a campaign from a non-approved source, you will be kicked off the network.

traffic allowed per campaign

Maxbounty Training Video

Check out this training video from Nick Arapkiles, it will show you how toget started doing CPA marketing with Maxbounty

MaxBounty Affiliate Marketing | Training Tutorial

2. PeerFly

This network is all about customization. PeerFly can add the features that you need having built their system from the ground up. That is why it is a fast-growing CPA Affiliate Network loved by affiliates all over the world. Becoming a PeerFly publisher opens up doors for promoting thousands of offers sometimes up to 3000.

20 Best CPA Affiliate Networks with the Top Paying Offers 3

Liek Maxbounty, Peerfly has a really clean interface and is easy to navigate around.

PeerFly literally rids you off every headache of traditional advertising. You only get paid when a lead or sale goes through. No more dealing with substantial advertising budgets and risking it all without the chance of monetizing your traffic.

Peerfly also allow you to set up desktop pop-unders from your website and provides you with scripts. They also have smart links available which will automatically match offers with your traffic/geos.

Peerfly dashboard and finding offers

PeerFly – Search For Offers Through Your Dashboard

Luke from Peerfly also runs a good affiliate marketing blog, well work checking out.


Clickbooth is a performance-based CPA Affiliate Network, no doubt. It is established in the industry, and is one of the fastest growing CPA networks, ranked top with the performers. It is an excellent option for affiliates, media buyers, email marketers, and of course advertisers like app developers. You get the best offers that guarantee on-time payments coupled with cutting edge technology that is affiliate friendly.

Clickbooth affiliate dashboard

If you consider yourself an established affiliate who has no time for trial and error, Clickbooth is the place the CPA Network to choose.
That said, it is difficult for new sites to get approved on ClickBooth.

4. W4

Performance drives the team behind W4. Although a young platform, this is a dependable brand that stands behind their words. They support existing and emerging markets making it easy for newbies to find a place in the global market.

W4 has established a team of professionals. From the Affiliate managers to the sales director, sales coordinators, software engineers, creative directors, and products & implementation, it gives you confidence that they know what they are doing. No wonder, they have received lots of thumbs up and high votes from advertisers and publishers.

5. AdWorkMedia

AdWorkMedia has perhaps the best user experience. It provides a real-time dashboard thanks to its global monetizing tools that can handle time-intensive tasks. This network offers lots of tools that help to auto-optimize your customers’ needs. As long as you have traffic, you will see improved CPA profits. Not only that, you get seven days of support from their friendly team of professionals.

A unique aspect of AdWorkMedia is that they have their tracker. You can know about location, browser, device, and other features about your converted traffic. If you are new to CPA Affiliate Networks, you will love using the AdWorkMedia Platform.

6. CPA Lead

Network Product Guide recently ranked CPA Lead among the top 40 fastest growing companies. And after winning the Network Products Guide Hottest Company of the Year Award, nothing is stopping CPA Lead from being the best for CPA offers, CPI mobile app installs, and PPC advertising.
The platform revolutionary traffic quality measures and advanced custom tracking to provided unparalleled lead generation offers for publishers and advertisers. It provides display ads like native and interstitial as well as affiliate products, and mobile monetization.

For advertisers it offers self-serve advertising platforms, targeting by device, low-risk advertising budget, and a global reach owing to its over 700,000 traffic sources. They also have some good tools to help you promote offers like popups, push-unders and offer walls.

Offerwall Setup Tutorial for Apps and Online Games

With CPA lead, you can choose to receive weekly or upon request payments. It is a flexible way of getting your money when you want it.

7. Click Dealer

Click Dealer is another excellent option. It is a Netherlands based CPA Affiliate Network that has grown in popularity in recent years. The platform offers cost-effective advertising services to their clients. The platform makes it easy for any publisher looking to simplify the and streamline advertising campaigns. They grant you access to performance marketing making it a convenient and enjoyable process for everyone.

What I like about Click Dealer is that they have set a high standard for what performance marketing services should look like. You get an in-house platform that is constantly updated with new features. Not only that, it gives you worldwide coverage and 24/7 support from experienced managers.

8. MUNDO Media

With over 35,000 Supply partners in 180 countries, MUNDO uses their MUNDOCore platform to support their major measurement partners. These include Adjust, Tune, Kochava, and AppsFlyer. The network is keen to provide in-house optimization algorithms which help to customize your users to your kind of website.

MUNDO works best with app developers, service providers, advertisers, website publishers, and media buyers looking to reach customers and maximize ROI, maximize eCPM, and monetize inventory. Every conversion stage in your business is important, and MUNDO takes care of each step.

9. GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media connects you to the world’s largest advertisers. This CPA Affiliate Network has been around for more than ten years. It gives you performance-based campaigns that all top of the game in the industry. For content publishers, media buyers, independent publishers, or a specialized agency, GobalWide Media is open to approving your platform fast and easy.

Advertisers know GlobalWide Media as a CPA network that has helped to shape the digital media industry. Their global ad networks have access in over 100 countries and have been able to generate over $3 billion in sales for their advertisers.

GlobalWide Media delivers 10 billion clicks and 40 billion impressions annually. Not to mention, 25 million downloads per year.
This platform has their offices in Los Angeles, Hongkong, London, and Victoria. They provide global reach and local support in over ten languages.

10. Adscend Media

Adscend Media started as a team of two in 2009. But now it services over 35,000 publishers in over 150 countries. This network has grown to gain recognition by Inc. Magazine, Empact Academy, Forbes, and other industry leaders.

Adscend Media is favorable in the mobile game and mobile app niche as it has so many updated offers that are mobile-based. It has solutions that keep your users engaged thus they keep coming back which in turn increases retention time. It boasts helping publishers earn up to $90 eCPMs and protecting against fraud so that you can put all worries to rest.

When it comes to publishers, the network offers reward-based monetizing solutions. You can start earning in minutes when your users earn virtual rewards when they take short surveys download apps, watch videos, and complete quick offers.

Its take away point is EngageMe.TV which is found only on Adscend Media. It opens up possibilities for endless earning like as users watch videos, trailers, demos, etc. It is a true money earning CPA Affiliate Network for mobile monetizing solutions.

11. Mobida

Mobidea is another mobile-based CPA Affiliate Network. It is all about mobile offers and setting the standard for affiliate payments while working with premium advertisers. The team provides personalized account management and support.

Mobidea Mobile CPA offers

Mobidea offers free tracking capabilities which is absolutely amazing. What’s more, it provides real-time optimization and payments are done weekly. It is active in the affiliate marketing world seeing that it attends annual conferences that surround affiliate marketing.  If you are going to look at the mobile vertical for CPA, I recommend getting an external link tracker like Voluum to track things better.

The good thing with Mobidea is that it is not only for the pros, but the network also works with newbies to grow your base of active users as well as increase your market acquisition level.

12. Above All Offers

It’s nearly a decade since Above All Offers was established, but this network has become one of the largest and fastest growing in the industry. With its location in Eugene Oregon, this network offers 24/7 customer support which includes the accounts department when you need payment support.
Their offers undergo a daily audit for updated compliance and tracking accuracy. It provides a way in which you can have stable campaigns that improve growth in your affiliate program. It has received good reviews for their timely payments and reliable customer support. It is one of the most trustworthy CPA Affiliate Networks you will ever find.

13. AdGate Media

This CPA Affiliate Network gives you mobile-based CPA offers. It is a good consideration for app developers as it gives you customizable ad solutions to maximize your app earnings. Its main advantage is that you can earn revenue without affecting your users’ experience.

It offers an interesting way in which your users can get rewards by engaging with their preferred brands. It also allows users to choose the advertisements that they want to complete. Also, users can access content after completing offers, registering, or installing an app.

With their global network of publishers, Adgate Media has been trusted to drive new installations, registrations, and installations.
Adgate Media participates in affiliate marketing events. You can meet the team at MWC Barcelona, Affiliate Summit East, NY Tech Day, and other annual conferences.

Adgate Media also has a referral program where you get to earn a referral commission of 5% for a lifetime for every referral you make.

14. CPATrend

CPATrend is great for beginners. It assists new affiliates to learn the various marketing techniques as they work one on one with you. It is fast and easy to maximize your productivity since CPATrend works with trusted advertisers. The network handpicks each offer to make sure you get strong offers.

This network’s customer support is unlike any other I’ve seen before. Every affiliate is allocated an account manager’s phone line and cell phone number. You can email, Skype, and send instant messages which help to improve their customer support.
The network also offers accurate, real-time tracking and access to detailed reports that maximize campaigns ROI. Not forgetting, you also get fraud and data loss protection.

15. Panthera Network

With lots of shady affiliate networks, it’s always good to find a network that has maintained its legitimacy and trustworthy from its inception. Panthera Network is focused on customer acquisition and PPF (pay-per-performance) online advertising campaigns.

The network prides itself for having over 3,000 publishers which helps it to develop lots of leads as well as high sales revenue for their clients from all over the world. Because of their reliable customer support, Panthera Network has won recognition by many players including the Top 20 CPA networks by Blue Book and Top 50 Affiliate Networks by Website magazine. It is no wonder why it makes it to our list.

16. Admitad CPA Network

From 2010, Admitad has continued to be a CPA Affiliate Network to reckon with. Partnering with this platform presents you with steady sales in advertising and new business for publishers. The network has a base of over 700,000 publishers and over 1600 advertisers. This means more ways to monetize your traffic.
Admitad provides you with all the necessary technologies and tools to give you access to various market segments. As an advertiser, you get to attract customers and increases sales through Admidat’s predictable, scalable, measurable, and transparent ways of promotion.

This network goes ahead to advise you regarding to rates, types of traffic, and moderation of publishers for your affiliate program. This way, you can actively grow and get the results you want.

17. CPAMatica

This is a high-end CPA Affiliate Network whose niche is the dating and health industries. It offers competitive payouts and with a wide array of offers and excellent customer support. The network currently has over 800 offers on their affiliate panel which means you get the chance to get the highest payouts.

What’s more, CPAMatica begins tests as soon as it launches a campaign to determine whether it is getting results. It pays attention to every affiliate such that it can see everyone’s unique situation and, therefore, find the most appropriate way to drive performance.

CPAMatica is known for working smart and having experts who work to bring out the best out of every affiliate.

18. Matomy

Matomy which was established in 2007, and based in Tel Aviv, and offers multi-channel marketing. It has various mobile monetizing models that help affiliates and publishers to get value from apps, sites, and traffic.

This network has nine branches globally. It makes over 60 billion impressions for 500 advertisers. With 16,000 registered media sources and 1500 marketers, it has established its global presence. Through Mobit; Matomy’s tracking and optimization tool, the network can build a solid mobile campaign.

Campaigns for publishers include education, finance, games, etc. It also gives you international offers but with localized traffic plus banner rotation and inventory optimization.
If you are an advertiser, you do not need to worry about setup costs and management fees. You only pay for real results.

19. AdCombo

Great for CPA COD offers (Cash on delivery)

AdCombo is a super simple way to get you away from extra hassles and into promoting offers and earning decent payouts. The user interface is straightforward as it has landings and pre-sales pages in over 40 languages. It has native speakers from 44 countries that increase the pool of support.
This network provides real-time and reliable complete integration with the most popular platforms.

AdCombo stats dashboard

It offers learning materials which also come in handy for beginners to learn the ropes. And on top of it all, payments are on a weekly basis which eliminates annoying delays.

Adcombo also pays out twice per week, which makes scaling campaigns much easier.

20. Adperio

Adperio is a top-performing CPA Affiliate network for mobile acquisition. It is popular among indie developers who are looking to get their apps ranked in an app store. The network also works with big apps when they want to find incremental volume.

This platform is crucial in helping apps navigate the mobile advertising industry. Adperio protects your brand by providing transparency and putting you in a position to align your goals for maximum ROI. With its ever-growing affiliates, it has managed to shake up the industry by setting high standards.

CPA Affiliate Networks are the most popular among global affiliate networks, micro-targeting, and online marketers for a good reason. They equip you with the latest technologies and tools that put you at an advantage when it comes to monetizing traffic and increasing sales. You have every reason to join a CPA Affiliate Network.


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