5 Top WordPress Page Builders (No Coding Knowledge Required)

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Last Updated on September 11, 2019 by Content Team

Do you know how to code and design beautiful websites from scratch?

Me neither

But we’re not alone.

Like you (and me), most affiliate marketers and bloggers can’t write a single line of code. We just don’t have the time to spend hours building landing pages or websites from scratch (we also lack the necessary skills, of course)

We have other important matters to look after (like perfecting our affiliate campaigns and making money while we sleep).

As for the small matter of creating jaw-dropping and eye-catching websites, we have WordPress page builders and visual editors to do the work for us.

With the right page builder plugin, you can customize page layouts, edit segments of a web page or create stunning websites and landing pages for your products and affiliate offers. You only need to drag and drop different page elements to set up a professional looking website even if you have zero coding knowledge like me.

Feeling excited already?

Let me share some of the best WordPress visual editors and page builder plugins so that you can get started immediately.

Elementor WordPress Page Builder

elementor page builder with drag and drop

Elementor is one of my personal favorites and is consistently rated among the top WordPress visual editors. It’s a user-friendly and feature-rich plugin that makes it super-easy to make any changes or customizations to your website.

Elementor is an open-source front-end page builder which lets you edit your website live and make changes to its design on the go using a wide range of drag and drop widgets.

It allows you to change the width & height of different page sections, resize columns, reposition your content, alter the padding & margin settings or add new page elements, all with a simple mouse click.

wordpress page builder

Unlike many other page builders, Elementor is fast, responsive, and doesn’t make you wait for small changes to come into effect.

You can test your page design for different devices to ensure that it looks great on desktops, smartphones, tablets, or any other devices and screen dimensions.

And just in case your creative juices aren’t flowing and you’re short of design ideas, you can use any of the 100+ ready to use page templates from Elementor’s template library.

wordpress page builder templates by elementor

The free version of Elementor comes with all the basic page building features and dozens of design templates. However, for the more advanced options, you can switch to Elementor Pro which starts from $49/month for a single site.

Divi Builder for WordPress

Divi wordpress page builder

Divi Builder comes as a part of the Divi WordPress Theme package by Elegant Themes. However, it can also be used separately with most other WordPress themes.

With over 500K customers, It’s a popular and powerful website builder with lots of customization options and features to create beautiful, multi-purpose, and mobile-responsive websites and landing pages. It gives you over 40 content modules that can be used anywhere on your site.

wordpress page builder elements

Unlike Elementor, Divi is primarily a back-end website builder that functions in the admin area of your WordPress website. So, although it offers simple drag & drop options to add widgets and different page elements anywhere on your site, you’ll have to make those changes in the admin area, save them, and then preview the changes live on your site.

5 Top WordPress Page Builders (No Coding Knowledge Required) 1

This is a slight turn off for marketers who want to make changes quickly.

But other than that, Divi offers every other visual editing feature you can think of. Plus, it gives you the ability to manage user rights in case you’re working in large teams or outsource some of your work to freelancers so that they can only alter the elements that you want.

To access Divi Builder, you’ll need to purchase the Divi Theme Package starting from $89/year.

Thrive Architect – Visual Page Builder

Thrive wordpress page builder

Thrive Architect is a relatively new but powerful WordPress visual editor which is mainly a part of the Thrive Themes package but can also be used separately with any other WordPress theme.

It’s a front-end visual editor that offers great flexibility in terms of customizations or adding new widgets and sections to your site.

best page builder wordpress

It is popular among bloggers and affiliate marketers because of its conversion focused features and a huge library of ready to use landing page templates (270+ till date).

As an affiliate marketer, you’d love the ability to add testimonials, videos, email opt-ins, styled lists or calls to action anywhere on your landing pages.

free landing page builder

Overall, it’s a pretty solid product, especially from a marketer’s perspective. The only complaint that I’ve heard about it is the poor quality of customer support which can become a problem when you need urgent help.

You can start using Thrive Architect on up to 25 websites for $19/month or get a single site license for a one-time payment of $67.

Beaver WordPress Page Builder

beacerbuilder wordpress page builder

With Beaver Builder, you truly get what you see.

It’s rated among the top front-end WordPress site builders and allows you to make real-time changes using drag and drop functions so that you know exactly what visitors will see when they land on your site.

It comes packed with modern features like mobile responsiveness, built-in translation support for international visitors, eCommerce integration, and strong technical SEO architecture.

top wordpress page builder

Like other plugins in this list, Beaver Builder also gives you ready to use landing page templates and designs.

Personally, however, I found it slightly less user-friendly as compared to some of the other page builders. For a new user, common page elements like CTAs, social media widgets, testimonials etc are hard to locate.

But other than that, it’s a complete page building solution for marketers. For a single site, you can access it for a one-time payment of $99.

Visual Composer – WP Page Builder

wordpress visual page builder

If you’re looking for a reliable website builder in a limited budget, Visual Composer is the tool for you.

To give you an idea of its popularity, Visual Composer has been sold more than 370K times on CodeCanyon and powers more than 2 million websites.

It’s not as fancy or feature-rich as some of the other tools in this list, but it still gives you all the tools you need to create or customize your website.

best drag and drop wordpress page builders

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the fact that it offers both front-end and back-end editing options. Both interfaces have drag and drop widgets that can be used to quickly set up sites and landing pages.

It also gives you more than 60 ready to use page templates and 40+ design elements (new ones are regularly added)

All of this is available for just a single payment of $45.

Sounds like a great deal to me.

Wrapping Up 

WordPress is already a blessing for marketers who don’t know how to code (or hate doing it). But WordPress page builder plugins and visual editors make it any marketer’s dream platform.

These plugins give you so much control over the look & feel of your site that you can easily create high conversion websites and landing pages in no time, saving you thousands of dollars in and hundreds of hours.

Still not sure which page builder is right for you?

I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments section.