Facebook Business Page Design Guide

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Why start your Business Empire on Facebook pages?

Due to its billions of users, Facebook has been considered as one of most social media network eyed by companies to establish and boosts their brands online.  Facebook’s high traffic provides attraction to tons of potential customers, opportunity for businesses to create a loyal community and organize a viral marketing tactics. It’s convenient to setup a Facebook page, publish their profile and product updates however, getting a huge fan base “likes” is a challenging part.

Samsung TV

Facebook pages are also great in SEO, even if you promote it less your page as long as you give it a good Title, about us info, local info and addresses, etc. Google may easily index above even your website and your business you will easier to find across millions of profiles.

Facebook SEO

The Facebook’s ads system is such a robust system because of its precision targeting. Profiles not only filling out their interest, but choosing already existing pages allows Facebook to pool everyone together based on interest, resulting in highly targeted, quality segments. With a page, you now have access to the most targeted market there is for your business – members of your page!.

Now, having a page it allows you to extend that reach further – you can pay for “sponsored stories”, similar to an ad, you can increase the reach of that word-of-mouth and give it more weight to those that may not have necessarily seen or paid attention to the glowing review.

Another huge benefit for having a Facebook page is its  built in analytics system that measures engagement to your page. You’ll be able to track, for example, how many likes you get a day. What posts are the most engaging? Has your engagement dropped from last month? Did a campaign increase engagement?

Later in this article you will learn what sections on your FB pages to focus your design, ways to dress up it and some inspirations that will give you an idea on how to create your own creative FB business pages.


What to Focus in designing your Business Page?

Facebook has gone thru many changes in their layout, probably to adapt w/ design trends that users must recognize. There are 3 most important sections you should focus with:

  • Timeline cover photo – Like in a common Facebook profile, the Timeline cover is the most prominent part in the new design which gives users a big opportunity to create stunning visual to impact your visitors. In this section you can upload a creative company image with the best size of 851 x 315 pixels. You can drag or crop the image to fit the Timeline container. According to Facebook rules, your cover photo must not contain advertisements, coupons or promotions.
  • About Info– This section is where you’ll have to fill-up your company’s bio details like business address and contacts information. Adding your website address is a big way to make visitors discover y more of your products and services you currently offers.
  • Apps and Tabs– The apps are the boxes beneath you can manage and engage with your visitors. There are some cool apps available only to Facebook pages, such as e-commerce apps that allow you to sell on Facebook, Youtube apps to display videos, “Bandpage” apps for musicians to display their music, etc. You can even hire developers to create completely custom applications for your company. You can have up to 10 apps.

Facebook pages give you the ability to add and customize tabs, which are like extra pages or menu items. These tabs take basic html, so they are extremely flexible, just as almost any general page on the web. This is very useful if you want to provide information that doesn’t necessarily fit within the default Facebook functions/media. For example, you can have forms, links to your latest products/downloads, videos, banners, etc


How to Dress up your FB pages

When creating a Facebook page, ask yourselves what will make the visitors “like” it. Most of the time they will saw first your “timeline cover”,”wall” the “about info” or your “tabs” and  if found  not something not fascinating, they will likely  leave your page. Your first goal about your visitors is to encourage them “LIKE” your page and become a fan so that they can receive latest update you published or make them engage into your website.

FB static iframe

Have you seen extra-ordinary facebook pages and you ask yourself how those geeks made it? Well, the first answer is creativity but the most specific one is they are using a HTML tricks however, that feature is called FBML or Fabebook Markup Language has been already deprecated by Facebook since March 11, 2011 and strongly recommend to use the  Statis iFrame for tab pages.Facebook also cleared out that the deprecation of FBML does not impact XFBML, such as the tags that support social plugins.

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Utilizing iFrame Tabs

Let’s discuss now what iFrame can do with your pages. Many useful applications have been built for Facebook Pages like BandPage for artists to share their music with fans and Shop Now to help Pages sell merchandise on Facebook. As of today, you can build your Page Tab apps using iframes rather than FBML. This means you can now build apps that run across Facebook (including Pages and Canvas applications) using the same simple, standards-based web programming model (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS). In addition, you can easily integrate social plugins and the Graph API within your tab.

To start with iFrame Tabs you must install it in your facebook page:

1. Go to: http://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/

2. Click Add Static HTML: IFrame Tabs and Login to your Facebook Account

3. Configure Static HMTL- choose what fan page you going to work with HMTL

4. Now in your fan page click Edith Page > Update Info, scroll down> in the left sidebar click Apps and find Static HMTL.

5. Click Edit Settings. Name your tab page, example: “SUBSCRIBE” hit SAVE and go OKAY

6. In your home fan page Double click the SUBCRIBE tab and there you will see more options on how start building your IFrame apps as shown:


What to put in an iFrame?

  • Embed Websites page into your Fan page
  • Embed videos and other multimedia files
  • Contact forms
  • Sign-up forms
  • Surveys
  • Blogs
  • Product listings
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Call to Action Graphics
  • Contest / Giveaway forms

Checkout this video tutorial  from Hubspot on how to setup a custom apps using iFrame:

Top 10 most creative and professional business pages on Facebook

Below are Facebook business page with spakling designs for your inspiration. I choose them because of its high branding timelines and professional apps tabs.

1.Coca- Cola

Coca Cola

2.Community Coffee

Community Coffee





5.AT & T










More high class business pages here:



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