Facebook video advertising has exploded over the last 12 months, they are now the top advertising formats.  Facebook video ads are no different, with video ads outperforming static ads by 1200%.

Facebook users love video content, which is why Facebook’s algorithm boosts organic video content over static content.  It’s all about engagement and Facebook want users to engage with as many posts as possible.

Facebook users have become ‘ad blind’ to static ads, even if you are using the Facebook ad spy tools to create the best angles. Facebook advertisers have to be more creative to catch users’ attention and video ads are the prefect solution.  It’s really hard to avoid a well created video ad.

Facebook video ads help prevent ad blindness


Facebook video ads used to be hard to create, companies had to outsource to a creative agencies who had studios and professional software. Today, there is a range of good Facebook video ad creator tools than can get the job done in a matter of minutes. These video creator platforms use a database of stock videos which you can use and overlay with your ad message.

Below we look at some of the best Facebook video ad creator tools available, that are easy to use and inexpensive.


Video easily beats text and audio for attracting new customers, and Animoto is one of the best and cheapest Facebook video ad creators one can find. Animoto is easy to use even without video editing experience. The simple drag and drop interface is simple for beginners to understand. The company offers many video templates for many different purposes, plus more than a million images and other stock resources.

Animoto dashboard

The paid version of Animoto is also cheaper than the paid version of similar tools, starting at only $5 per month. What sets Animoto ahead of the other options more than anything else is its help section and customer service. Animoto puts the most effort into helping new video editors create the most effective ads they can.

Another advantage of Animoto is that it is capable of creating more distinctive content than other tools of its type. One will not have difficulty turning a template into something unique when using Animoto. Videos created on Animoto will remain available in one’s account for a long time even if one is not subscribing to the Animoto service. Animoto is popular both with commercial ad creators and with hobbyists creating fun products.

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Motion Den

Motion den can be used to create just about anything. Dozens of exciting templates for dozens of different projects are available. One can use motion den’s tools to create music videos, slideshows, 2d and 3d animations, infographic videos, and more.

One thing that may surprise readers about Motion Den is that it does not require downloads. Heavier video editing tools still require large downloads, but one can use Motion Den’s tools online without having to download or install anything.

Motion DEn Template

The first few seconds of an ad must interest the viewer. Otherwise, they will skip or ignore your ad. If you want to succeed with ad creation, you should tell a story with your ads. Your ad must deliver a strong message from start to finish. Make sure that each video has a single message – multiple messages in the same video can weaken rather than strengthen the point you want to make. The quality of your video should be consistent throughout – a temporary dip in your video’s quality can be enough to make it ineffective. An AD creator should also make a video that is likely to impress its target audience. A video that may impress one demographic may be unimpressive to another.

While motion den is free to try, the motion den watermark will appear on your videos if you do not pay for the full version of the software. Although not very useful in its free form, Motion Den does nonetheless allow you to test the advantages of any of their video creation tools for free.

One disadvantage of Motion Den is that it is somewhat slow to add new pictures to the video editing system. While the photographs upload quickly, there is a further delay before you can edit them. On the plus side, Motion Den is particularly easy to use. There may not be an online video editing tool that is easier to use than Motion Den is.

Biteable Facebook Video Ad Maker

Biteable is notable for the sheer size of the library of images and videos they offer to users. An enormous selection of music, video clips, and images is available to anyone who signs up for the Biteable service. Advertising has never been easier – one no longer needs a film crew and expensive television and radio ads to advertise.

With Biteable and social media advertising, one can quickly and easily create and publish advertisements. Biteable also offers many educational videos to users, helping them learn to create unique content. Biteable is also free to try with watermarks placed over free videos. The premium version costs $99 per year. A hundred dollars a year is in the middle of the price range, with both cheaper and more expensive options being common.

Smile Social Ad Template

Creating a video on Biteable involves putting a series of scenes that are a few seconds long together. Scenes can include computer animation, claymation, stock footage, and animated text. With a bit of practice, a distinctive video can be created from a series of brief scenes. Video clips are combined with color schemes, music, and sound effects to create a professional-looking video. You will not necessarily have to look or pay for video clips from other sources if they have access to the Biteable video library. The inclusion of claymation clips for creating ads is fascinating, but the selection of claymation images is somewhat limited.

When making a facebook video ad, one should have a precise objective. One’s aim should not be as general as using the ads to make more money than they cost. One should also think in terms of making one’s brand more recognizable of convincing may people to install one’s app. A facebook ad must play by the rules. As well as obviously not promoting anything illegal or making false advertisements, one should be aware in advance what facebook considers offensive. Ads should also be short – an ad that runs for less than 30 seconds tends to be more effective than a longer ad.



Crello is a more general-purpose graphics design tool that is commonly used for quickly creating professional-looking facebook ads. Their stock library is bigger than that offered by at least most other similar services. Crello is used to create printed works, blogs, social media posts, and other graphic design products as well as ads. Crello may be a good choice if one is looking for a lot of filters and other photoshop-like tools. The selection of filters offered by Crello is better than the usual standard. On another level, Crello is somewhat more expensive than most of the other options. A yearly subscription to the best version of Crello costs over $200, compared to only $99 for Biteable, which is not an inferior product. Crello is a good choice if you are looking for a wider selection of blurs, filters, and the like than you can usually find in online video editing tools.

Crello for animated facebook ads

As well as the images being easy to resize, you can also easily resize the animations as well. Animated content can be stretched and shrunk to fit smaller banner ads or larger advertising formats. The selection of images is somewhat limited, and you may have to find images elsewhere to create unique content. Unless one has a great deal of money to spend on advertising, they should not spend much of their budget on paid clips and images. There is enough free content available online that one can usually find a free image that is just as good as a paid image they might be considering.


AdLaunch seems to be designed with content creation speed in mind. While all of these ad creation tools seem very fast to someone who has never tried one before, AdLaunch is the fastest. One can use keywords to very quickly find videos and images that are in line with what one is looking for. The realtime video preview is also excellent and speeds up the creation process further.

Adlaunch review


While a fair bit of stock content is given to users of AdLaunch, the selection of still images is somewhat more limited than what most of these tools offer. If one already has most of the images they need, AdLaunch may help you create a video more quickly than any of the other options. Regardless of what video editing tools an ad creator uses, they should always make sure that the story is told with text as well as sound. An advertisement is up against the fact that people don’t like to watch ads. People who are watching your ads may be watching them while listening to music and muting your audio. Make sure that there is some text for the audience to see as well. It may be enough to get their attention and make them want to learn more.

One who wants to succeed in creating online ads themselves should learn to use more advanced video editing programs to create unique content. However, this does not mean that ads created using simple video creation tools that do not even require a download are ineffective. Advertisements created using these tools can be extremely successful if they are created with the right target audience in mind. One no longer has to learn any complex skills to be able to create effective advertisements.

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