20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019

Amazon Affiliate Website Examples

If you are thinking of starting an Amazon affiliate site (Amazon Associate), here are some examples of sites in different niches making good monthly profits.  Some of the examples are huge, corporate owned websites, while others are small niche sites doing a nice monthly revenue from their traffic. Continue reading “20+ Amazon Affiliate Website Examples 2019”

Find Anyone’s Email Address:9 Tools To Find Emails With Precision and Accuracy

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You want to build backlinks to your content by reaching out to the relevant influencers in your niche, discuss collaboration possibilities with other marketers, or interview industry leaders for a roundup post. Continue reading “Find Anyone’s Email Address:9 Tools To Find Emails With Precision and Accuracy”

Top Heath Affiliate Programs

The health niche is a great vertical to be in with lots of opportunities to make money as an affiliate. According to the global wellness institute, the health/wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion, plenty of pieces of the pie being available to smart affiliates. Continue reading “Top Heath Affiliate Programs”

Best VPNs 2019

best VPNs for 2019


In 2019, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are continuing to grow in popularity among savvy web users and are slowly breaking in to the average home user market. When you browse the web on your regular internet service provider you can be tracked through the IP address your router is assigned. If you are concerned about your privacy or are worried about identity theft then subscribing to a VPN will help put your mind at rest. A VPN masks your web presence by routing your browsing experience through its own IPs. Continue reading “Best VPNs 2019”

Epacket Shipping – The Best Option for Ecommerce Dropshipping


Epacket Shipping – The Best Option for Ecommerce Dropshipping 3

The chances are that you’re reading this because you run – or intend to run – a dropshipping e-commerce business. But you have the perennial problem that dogs the start-up or small business and that is effective shipping to your customers. After all, you aren’t Jeff Bezos with an Amazon-level of infrastructure and their famous unlimited two-day delivery service. As a dropshipper you are relying on your products being dispatched from – say China – to your customers here in the States. Okay, so shipping times are going to be an issue but don’t forget the shipping costs either. Against Amazon Prime’s free delivery for any item your rates with AliExpress, FedEx and DHL are going to make your eyes water. Your usual option of offering free shipping is to either absorb the cost yourself or to add the cost on to the price of your goods. This has downsides of course – absorbing the cost hurts your profit margins, and adding the cost to your product makes you look uncompetitive. Continue reading “Epacket Shipping – The Best Option for Ecommerce Dropshipping”

Best WordPress Hosting with Free SSL Certificates, September 2019

WordPress Hosting with Free SSL


With various hosting services available, it can be a tough decision to pick the right company with each offering different features and competitive prices. In such circumstances, it is best to pick a pick a hosting service that offers a free SSL certificate. You might be wondering why an SSL certificate could be an important feature, so let’s get down to the basics. Continue reading “Best WordPress Hosting with Free SSL Certificates, September 2019”