A Guide on Google’s Author Rank

gareth james high authorrank

The Google’s Author Rank One of the major significant shifts in the SEO world last year which was also eyed as bigger than Panda and Penguin algorithms update is the Author Rank, a new added challenge for web marketers and SEO experts to prove their content quality and authority in their respective niche online. Author …

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Google Penguin Creates Mass Unemployment in India

Image Source: Reuters India  Today internet workers protested outside Google Mumbai. Google’s recent algorithm change (called Penguin) has created widespread unemployment in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.  The Penguin update effected low quality SEO/link building services, much of  which was being outsourced by the US.   It is estimated that 80% of the worlds link building …

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Scraping Google with a Google Tool

Just done a quick video showing people how to scrape Google with Google Docs and Xpath.  You don’t have to be coder to do this. Just cut and paste the Xpath code in the video description into your Google Docs spread sheet. This is a really powerful free combination that couls have multiple uses.  You …

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