Using Bing to find Google Penalties

Last Updated on March 11, 2010 by Content Team

This is a quick post on something I have been noticing with some of my clients keywords.  Bing responds well to aggressive SEO tactics i.e.  link building fast and sitewide links, not really appreciated by Google. 

If you have been building links aggressively and not appearing in Google for your terms, you may have tripped one of Google’s anchor text filters.  Go to Bing and search for your keywords.  If you are ranking well, then it is an indicator that you may have been overly aggresive and tripped one of Google’s filters.

Try this niffty tool to compare Google and Bing search results (click on image):



If you think you may have a penalty and want to check, just send me your url and I’ll give you my opinion.  I have seen a fair number of different types of penalties and can spot the problems pretty quickly, and advise on the best ways forward.


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