WordPress Site Hacked

Last Updated on May 13, 2011 by Content Team

My SEO Doctor website got hacked last week, just before I went on holiday 🙁  – how did I know…

First I saw on my keyword rank tracking reports that I was totally dropped by Bing.  Thought it could be an aglo update until I checked my rss feed.

RSS Hacked

Things were not looking good, but had to catch a flight.  A week later I checked my latest ranking reports…gone from Google for all my main keywords after achieving page 1 for all of them after months of hard work.  I had a sniff around Google Webmaster Tools to see if I could spot something and there it was…

Keywords in Webmaster Tools

I knew WordPress was a bit dodgy, but the site had only been moved to wordpress a couple of months ago.  I thought it was pretty secure.  Probably a competitor, or am I just being Paranoid!  Anyway the site is in the middle of having a big clean up and security evaluation.  If you have had the same problems, here’s a few pointers to help.


Repairing a hacked WordPress Site

1) If you have backed up you files and databases, you can restore your website to an earlier time period.

2) If not, you need to do a big clean out…everything needs to be reinstalled.

3) Change all your passwords and start getting some really good WP security plugins.

For more help try these resources: