12 Affiliate Niches for You to Explore

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Niche #1 – Information Marketing / “Internet Marketing”
Although most beginners think this niche is saturated because of the volume of
offers in it, the opposite is true. Thousands of new prospects are looking for
ways to make money with an information marketing business on a daily basis,
and with so many people struggling with it due to following incorrect guidance,
there is a massive audience of hungry buyers who need your help.
This niche is heavily focused on monetary results, so to avoid the “catch 22”
situation when you’re just getting started, you need to focus on a topic other
than monetary results, e.g. opt-in rates, traffic, graphic creation, or anything
a typical information marketer would need to run their online business.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Info Cash 2 – http://chrisc.com/jvs
2) Google Sniper – http://gsniper2.com/affiliates
3) Video Maker FX – http://www.videomakerfx.com/jv/

Niche #2 –Forex / Binary Options
Forex is a red hot niche based around trading currency and stocks, which has
exploded in popularity over the last few years…
With this niche being heavily focused on software rather than the strategies
themselves, most prospects just want to click a few buttons and have the
software make the correct trading decisions for them. It’s all about making the
process as easy as possible for people.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Auto Binary Signals – http://www.autobinarysignals.com/jv.html
2) Insured Profits – http://insuredprofits.com/affiliates.html
3) Binary Predictor – http://www.binarypredictor.com/jv.html

Niche #3 –World Of Warcraft
Whether you enjoy playing games or not, this MMORPG has over 6.8 million
players around the globe who are dedicated to getting the most out of their
experience. Although the interest in this game has dropped over the last few
years, it’s still a very profitable niche to go into with a huge, committed
Players often buy strategy guides to “level up” their character more effectively,
along with software to automate many boring tasks, e.g. increasing their gold
(the in-game currency), building their character’s skills, and more.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Dynasty WOW Addons & Guides – http://dynastyaddons.com/affiliates/
2) Zygor Guides – http://www.zygorguides.com/affiliates/
3) Ultimate WOW Guide – http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/affiliates/

Niche #4 –Green Energy
As people all over the world become more conscious about the environment,
new ways of generating power have been discovered which are now being sold
to the public in the form of e-books and video courses.
Typically these strategies can be used by anyone with little effort, so the
market potential is huge.
The audience consists largely of educated prospects who are conscious about
their environmental footprint and want to look after their planet better,
and/or people who just want to save money on their increasing energy bills.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Earth 4 Energy – http://www.earth4energy.com/affiliates
2) Free Power Secrets – http://affiliates.freepowersecrets.biz
3) Nikola Tesla Secret – http://www.nikolateslasecret.com/affiliates.php

Niche #5 –Remove Cellulite
Cellulite affects between 80-90% of women and 10% of men around the world,
but is still often seen as an “embarrassing” problem to have due to the media
and celebrity culture. This means people who have it are always looking for
ways to minimize it, or preferably remove it altogether.
Interestingly, people seem to look for a solution at the beginning of the year
(for their new year’s resolution) and in the summer (for their vacation)…
… Although this niche is still active all year round, meaning you’ll still make a
good profit outside of these seasonal periods.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Truth About Cellulite – http://www.truthaboutcellulite.com/affiliates
2) Cellulite Factor – http://www.cellulitefactor.com/affiliate/
3) Procellix – http://www.targetclick.com/offers/procellix.php


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Niche #6 –Woodworking
I discovered this responsive niche around 5 years ago (in my “newbie” days)
when I managed to make over $200 in a few hours from a tiny marketing test.
So not only is the market huge, but it’s also full of passionate prospects.
Obviously woodworking is mostly an outdoors activity, which means the niche
is most active in the spring and summer. But once again, there’s still a great
level of activity in the other months too, as you can see in the graph below…
This niche mainly consists of blueprints, diagrams, plans and step-by-step
tutorials to build pretty much anything and bring out their creative side.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Ted’s Woodworking – http://tedswoodworking.com/aff
2) My Shed Plans – http://myshedplans.com/aff
3) My Boat Plans – http://myboatplans.com/aff

Niche #7 –Erase Diabetes
Approximately 25.8 million Americans have diabetes – that’s 8.3 percent of the
USA. This means there’s a huge market of people who desperately want to
avoid the physical and emotional pain which comes with having diabetes, and
want to finally get rid of it forever.
Over the last few years, people have discovered that it isn’t something they
just have to “put up with”, and can actually cure it with the right lifestyle
Some Hot Offers:
1) Reverse Your Diabetes Today – http://reverse-your-diabetesnow.com/affiliate_program.php
2) Restore My Blood Sugar – http://restore-my-bloodsugar.com/affiliate_contest.php
3) Cure Diabetes Naturally – http://cure-diabetesnaturally.com/affiliates.html

Niche #8 –Dog Training
Apparently a dog is not always a man’s best friend, as the dog training niche is
focused on correcting misbehaving dogs and turning them into well-behaved
members of the family.
Although the niche has declined slowly in the last few years, there is still a very
active audience and a LOT of money to be made for the marketers using the
correct strategies.
As all dogs need instructions to correct their behaviour, software products are
rare in this niche, with the guidance usually being delivered in step-by-step
video courses and e-books that the owner can follow along with.
Although, you should also think laterally here, as a dog owner may also be
interested in physical products, e.g. dog food, dog toys, and so on.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Secrets Of Dog Training – http://www.kingdomofpets.com/affiliates/
2) Dog Food Secrets – http://thedogfoodconspiracy.com/affiliates.htm
3) The Online Dog Trainer – http://theonlinedogtrainer.com/affiliates

Niche #9 –Fitness / Weight Loss
One thing that all humans have in common is the need to have a good health,
wealth, and relationships. But the fitness niche is one of the most popular
niches in the information marketing world, with $22.4 billion being spent last
year alone – and that’s just in the USA! What would it feel like for you to earn
just a tiny fraction of that amount?
This niche appeals to both males and females, BUT the difference in their
mindset is important. For example, most men want to move towards pleasure
by getting six-pack abs, but most women want to move away from pain by
losing weight and getting slimmer. Just keeping this subtle difference in mind
will massively increase your sales, as the more specific you can be in your
marketing, the better.
Some Hot Offers:
1) The Venus Factor – http://www.venusfactor.com/affiliates/
2) Truth About Abs – http://truthaboutabs.com/affiliate-info.html
3) Mi40X – http://www.mi40x.com/affiliates.html

Niche #10 –Pregnancy / Fertility
Although reproducing is something that all humans have in common, some
people find it easier than others. That’s why this niche is focused around
helping people maximize their chances of conceiving and finally be able to
build a family of their own.
The great thing about this niche is the ability to market to your prospects on a
timeline. With some logical feedback-based marketing, you can segment your
prospects based on their pregnancy progress so far, then offer them valuable
products for their new-born baby and throughout the child’s life. That’s what
you call a long-term marketing strategy! ?
Some Hot Offers:
1) Pregnancy Miracle – http://www.pregnancymiracle.com/affiliates.php
2) Plan My Baby – http://www.planmybaby.com/affiliates
3) Fairhaven Health –

Niche #11 –Background Checks
If people are suspicious of their spouse’s behaviour, or just want some extra
information on a friend, colleague, employee or anyone else, they’re able to
conduct a background check with special products in this niche.
From a business standpoint, most prospects in this niche tend to “keep watch”
on their suspect in the long-term, meaning a lot of paid programs offer very
lucrative monthly subscriptions – giving you a reliable monthly income.
Some Hot Offers:
1) Phone Detective – http://www.peoplesearchaffiliates.com
2) Background Report 360 – http://backgroundreport360.com/affiliates
3) Everify – http://www.everify.com/affiliates

Niche #12 –Dating & Seduction
Although the social norm is to find one partner and settle down with them for
the rest of your life, there is a huge audience of males who prefer to “play the
field” and seduce as many women as possible. And like everything, the process
can be put into a series of steps and taught via information products.
People’s number one goal in this niche is to seduce a woman for sex, but a
smaller audience of prospects just want to be more confident with women so
they can attract their ideal partner. So it’s important to pay attention to what
your prospects really want, then adjust your marketing accordingly.
Some Hot Offers:
1) The Tao Of Badass – http://www.badassjv.com
2) Make Him Desire You – http://grandjv.com
3) Text Your Ex Back – http://affiliates.digitalromanceinc.com/sign-up