Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024

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Imagine unlocking a treasure chest where every phone call you inspire turns into gold. Welcome to the world of pay-per-call affiliate marketing—a dynamic arena where the simple act of driving calls can fill your pockets with cash.

Here, it’s not just about making a sale; it’s about connecting people to brands, sparking conversations that matter. Your mission? To get prospects picking up the phone. Each call you facilitate is a win, and your rewards grow with every ring. Dive into this opportunity where your influence transforms into income, and discover how each conversation can be a stepping stone to your financial success.

How does Pay Per Call Work ?

In simple terms, these are the fundamental steps to get earning.

  1. Sign up for a pay per call networks below
  2. Go through all the offers and find one you would like to promote. Use the dedicated call-tracking number they give you or create your own call tracking number
  3. Head over to Google adwords and set up a call only ad. You can also add your call tracking number to Google My Business (GMP/GMB) profiles if you want to create a local lead gen business.
  4. Run the campaign for a while and calculate the viability of scaling. Obviously, promoting lawyer , loans and credit card keywords is going to be very expensive to advertise. You need to look at keywords’ cost per Click (or call) and compare them with the price the network will pay you.



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Source: Invoca

This Reddit thread will give you an idea of the earning potential of Pay Per Call marketing.

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 2

Just think about it. If a complete newbie can make $800+ with Pay Per Call in a single day, imagine what an experienced marketer can achieve. Your success, however, depends on the offers you choose to promote and your traffic generation strategy.

Since most Pay Per Call advertisers pay you only when a prospect stays on the phone for at least 30 seconds, your success depends on how the advertiser treats your referral leads. This is why working with the right advertisers is important to ensure that your hard-earned leads do not go to waste.

To help you find reputable and high-quality offers, I’ve handpicked some of the best Pay Per Call affiliate networks you can join and start making money immediately. Let’s have a quick look at each of them.


Phonexa pioneers in affiliate marketing as a single operating solution for partner and performance marketing that automatically ties revenue back to publishers, campaigns, networks, and channels through marketing attribution. Phonexa’s tools allow tracking and optimizing marketing campaigns effectively, taking pay-per-call affiliate programs to the next level.

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 3

Designed to boost conversions and revenue, their comprehensive suite includes:

  • Call tracking
  • Lead management
  • Click tracking
  • CRO & user behavior recording
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Automated accounting
  • Cloud phone systems

Standout features include free API integrations and robust performance marketing software. Among Phonexa’s offerings, Call Logic revolutionizes pay-per-call advertising with sophisticated call tracking and ping post technology. It provides insights into caller behavior and equips businesses with tools for lead management, analytics, and campaign optimization for higher conversion rates.


Marketcall is a Pay Per Call affiliate network built on in-house call tracking technology in insurance, Finance, Home Services, and travel verticals. It was founded in 2015 and works with offers from the USA and Europe. They take affiliates and publishers with inbound or live transfer calls. pay per call dashboard Benefits for affiliates:

  • Wide range of top offers
  • Weekly payments
  • Unique high-converting landing pages
  • Webinars with case studies on promoting offers
  • Free toll-free numbers
  • Dedicated personal manager

Their Pay Per Call verticals include Insurance (Health, Medicare, Auto, Life, Home), Finance (Debt, Tax Debt, Credit Repair), Home Services and Home Improvement, Travel. Best converting traffic sources for their offers: Paid search (Google, Bing), SEO, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat), Display, Native, Email, SMS, Call centers.


Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 4

MaxBounty is another huge affiliate network particularly popular for it’s CPA offers. It has a growing list of pay-per-call offers from reputable brands and advertisers. Like CJ, the advantage of working with MaxBounty is that you’re always certain your leads will be tracked properly, and you will get paid for your referrals. However, their registration and affiliate approval process can sometimes be a pain for newbies.

CJ Affiliate

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 5

Few companies have been in the affiliate marketing business longer than CJ Affiliate. They’re the ultimate affiliate marketing platform with thousands of affiliate offers from brands in every industry imaginable. CJ also has a huge database of Pay Per Call offers from where you can choose the ones that match your interests. Their unique toll-free affiliate phone numbers and advanced tracking technology ensures that you get paid for every referral lead you generate.

Offer Vault

Offer Vault is another popular affiliate marketing platform that lists not only its own unique offers but also the offers from different partner networks.

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 6

Think of it as a search engine for affiliate and CPA offers.

Click Dealer

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 7

Go to any affiliate review site or discussion forum and you’ll find that Click Dealer is consistently regarded as one of the best pay-per-call networks in the world. They work with reputable brands and agencies, especially in the ecommerce, real estate, software and mobile verticals.

Pay per call offers constitute the majority of their database, so they have advanced tracking systems to ensure their affiliates are rewarded for every lead.

Leads Market

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 8

Leads Market is another leading affiliate network with hundreds of pay-per-call offers. The support they provide to their affiliates sets them apart from the other networks.

As an affiliate for Leads Market, you get to work directly with the publishers which means you always get the top payouts.

Leads Market also gives you ready-to-use responsive email templates for promotion and a landing page generator to help you create attractive squeeze pages to promote your offers.


Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 9

ShareASale has been in the affiliate business longer than most other networks on this list. They’re regarded as a top-quality affiliate platform that consistently brings high-quality product offers from credible advertisers.

ShareASale has a dedicated pay-per-call platform available to its regular affiliates as well, where you can find hundreds of offers to promote.

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 10
Source: ShareASale

The platform works seamlessly, tracks all your calls and referrals, and rewards you with timely payouts.

RingPartner Pay Per Call Network

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 11

RingPartner is a dedicated pay per call network that works with a select group of merchants and advertisers.

Although it has pay per call offers from several industries, it is more known for the Legal, Home Services, Appliance Repair, Auto Insurance, and Hotel industries.

GoojiBear Pay Per Call Network

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 12

GoojiBear is not a general affiliate forum. It’s a platform specifically designed for pay per call advertising and affiliate marketing.

The platform uses the latest call-tracking technologies and offers attractive payouts to its affiliates in a timely manner. It also offers extensive training and tools to help affiliates continuously improve their performance.

However, to ensure maximum profitability for their customers, GoojiBear does not consider a call as a qualified lead if it’s duration is shorter than 1 min.

ThinkCalls Pay Per Call Network

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 13

ThinkCalls is another pay per call advertising network with a comparatively smaller but high-quality customer base.

Their offers are limited to the US/Canada region, mostly for home, legal, financial and debt services but the payouts are quite attractive for affiliates.

Plus, they have a pretty impressive support team that’s always ready to lend a helping hand to its publishers.


Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 14

ReviMedia is a leading performance marketing company with a special focus on pay-per-call marketing. 

They have more than 650 high-quality offers from 130+ countries, mostly created through exclusive partnerships with the advertisers. Currently, they have offers from insurance, home improvement, home security, debt relief, and mortgage verticals

Their affiliate program and payout are among the best in the industry. Plus, their affiliate account managers work work closely with the pubishers to ensure that every campaign performs to its optimal level.


Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 15

eLocal is an online business portal providing marketing services to thousands of local, regional, and national service providers throughout the US, helping them connect with customers across the region.

They pay affiliates to generate calls for their customers which are first routed to their own call centers in the U.S and then transferred to the relevant business partner.

eLocal has been in the affiliate business since 2007, so their systems are pretty strong and their payouts are as good as any company in the pay-per-call space.


Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 16

Hyper Target Marketing is considered a leader in the pay-per-call space because of its wide range of clients and exclusive direct partnerships with advertisers unavailable on other networks.

They have strict regulations for advertisers, which means, as an affiliate, you’ll be working with only the best and the most credible companies.

Palo Mobile

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks 2024 17

Palo Mobile is a top-tier pay-per-call marketing company with a large number of corporate and enterprise-level clients. They are considered as specialists in driving leads to law companies and legal consultants.

Palo is a big company now, but it was founded in 2010 by a solo marketer. This is why they understand the challenges of independent affiliate marketers and are renowned for their timely payouts and exceptional customer support.

Wrapping Up

Pay-per-call marketing is not as popular as some other affiliate marketing types. Which means there’s lesser competition. Yet, the earning potential it offers is comparable to any other money-making method. 

To start earning with pay-per-call marketing, sign up for the platforms I’ve shared in this post to find the best affiliate offers at the most attractive payout rates in the industry.

Have any questions about pay-per-call marketing? I’d love to answer them in the comments section.