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The health niche is a great vertical to be in with lots of opportunities to make money as an affiliate. According to the global wellness institute, the health/wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion, plenty of pieces of the pie being available to smart affiliates.

The vertical is fast moving with new products hitting market on a weekly basis.  Trends in health are constantly changing to you will need to keep on top of the industry to know what is hot if you are looking at seriously entering this market.

Health & Wellness Sub-Niches

Like most verticals, the health niche has many sub-niches e.g. Weight loss, supplements, foods, fitness etc. You also have the adult end of the niche with male enhancement, breast lift creams etc.

Break down in the health and wealth sub niches by value

How can you Keep up with Health Product Trends?

There are a couple of go to places that I love, one being Trend Hunter. Here’s a quick product I found quickly sifting through Septembers health product trends: Alkalizing Smoothie Additives

Alkalizing Smoothie Additives Berry Smoothie Potion

What makes a good health affiliate program?

The product

For me the product has to be really good and actually do what it is supposed to –  I’m not into promoting shady products with fabricated claims.  It will be much easier to promote a decent product from a top brand in the niche over some Clickbank bullshit.

The brand/landing page

You need to look at the companies branding and landing page, would you buy the product?  Is the landing page well optimized for conversions?

The Commission and payment terms

You also want to promote a health product that offers good commissions, ideally 30%+. You will likely end up with a trade off for some products, sending people to a little known site for a 30% commission or sending traffic to Amazon for a 5% commission.

You also want a decent affiliate cookie lifespan, you can actually find lifetime cookies on some programs, but 30 days is standard.

You will likely find a lot of health affiliate programs offering 70%-100% commissions. 100% commission…how do they make any money?  Well, it’s all their back end via email sales funnels and up selling existing customers/subscribers.

The amount they pay affiliates per sale is their cost of acquiring a new customers, the life time value (LTV) of that customer will be greater than the commission you receive.

You also want to find a network that pays frequently, like bi-weekly…especially if you are doing paid advertising that you want to scale.

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Health affiliate programs to avoid

I always avoid programs if they don’t provide the minimum details an affiliate needs, which is the level of commission and length of cookie time. You see this all the time and it drives me crazy, why would an affiliate apply for a program without knowing the commission on offer?!!

Do some research about the program and make sure they are good payers.

Trending Health Products with Good Affiliate Programs 2019

Here is our list of some of the best trending health and wellness products to promote, along with their affiliate program.  Some of the affiliate programs will be for single brands, while others will be on affiliate platforms where you can promote a range of other products.


Nootropics are products that enhance your brain function such as caffeine and L-theanine found in tea, but there are plenty of other compounds and dedicated products.  This health area has exploded recently, lead by silicon valley business people and experimental students.  ‘Bio-hacking’ your brain is now all the rage from micro dosing with LSD to simple over the counter pills.  This area will grow over the next 10 years, and likely to be worth $6 Billion by 2024 alone.

Product: Qualia Mind
Essentials: 25% Commission, 30-day cookie

Product: Nootrobox RISE
Program: Amazon associates
Essentials: Commission 5%, 1 day cookie. Yes the stats look crap but traffic converts really well on Amazon.

Product: Cerebal Key
Dedicated platform:
Essentials: 20% Commission, 30-day cookie


Moringa, from the Moringa oleifera, a tree usually found in India and Pakistan. This super food is used as an anti-inflammatory and fights free radicals due to its high amounts of antioxidants, along with a lot of other benefits.

The product has seen solid growth over the last couple of years and set to continue throughout 2019.

Product: Various Moringa products

Detox Tea

Detox products are big business so are teas, so detox tea is an area that will grow over the next 5 years. It’s not all about detoxing either, many detox teas are said to aid weight loss.

Some affiliate programs in this niche promote 30 day weight loss programs with these products like the red tea detox program below.  It’s work visiting their landing page as the video is totally hilarious! How anyone falls for this bullshit is beyond me, but somehow they are one of the biggest sellers on Clickbank.

When promoting detox and weight loss, make sure you gear up for a big New Year push when most of the searches are happening.

detox tea Explore Google Trends - graph shows peaks at the start of each year

Product: Detox Tea
Essentials: 15% Commission, 30 days cookie

Product: Red Tea Detox
Essentials: 75%+ commission, 30 day cookies


Not just normal honey or Manuka honey but super food honey with propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen!  Honey can also cross health food sub niches and enter the  ‘organics’ niche.

Top Heath Affiliate Programs 1

Home Gym Gear

With home gym gear getting smaller, you can now buy things like fold-away running machines and exercise bikes, this is a huge market in ever-expanding cities with the growing number of people living in apartments.

Program: Amazon Associates

Sleep Tech

Everyone wants to wake up feeling refreshed, so the market is potentially huge. Though sleep aid supplements are a good market, sleep technology is a new area worth jumping into as an affiliate. Products include sleep monitors that measure your body’s movements and track them in an app like the S+ sleep tracker.

Top Heath Affiliate Programs 2

Product: S+ Sleep monitor
Platform: Amazon
Essentials: 5% commission, 24hr cookie


Kombucha has gone from a niche drink to a popular health drink. The drink is made by fermenting tea with bacteria and yeast, creating a probiotic drink.

Not many of the top kombucha brands have affiliate programs, this could be a good opportunity to do a deal with them directly.

Medical Mushrooms

Hitwise published an interesting post earlier in the year, where they tracked 1000 longtail mushroom related search terms. They found a 3099% increase in these searches in 2018 as people have started testing mushrooms out for various benefits from weight loss to reducing inflammation.

Four Sigmatic - On Shrooms


Collagen as a protein supplement is continually growing in popularity.  The growth is due to the multiple benefits it provides from anti-aging to gut repair, which also means a range of products from collagen creams to collagen matchas.

collagen matcha - top health product

Vital proteins is one of the big brands in the niche which has seen a huge spike in traffic this year, which is why we chose their affiliate program. You will always get better conversions if people have heard about the brand.

Top Heath Affiliate Programs 3

Product: Collegen products

Strength Training Programs for women

‘Strong in the new skinny’ is all I keep hearing, but there is a definite trend for women to get stronger and fitter instead of just losing weight. Sites are springing up dedicated to female fitness and supplements, which is good news for affiliates looking to target females only.  Affiliates could promote training programs, clothing or supplements in this growing market.

Pinterest would be a good option as a traffic source as it’s demographic is 80% female.

Product: Female fitness programs
Essentials: Up to 40%commission, 30 day cookie


From high tech breast pumps to birth control apps – this sub niche is growing rapidly.

Product: Natural Cycles

Best Affiliate Platforms for the Health and Wellness Vertical

All the big affiliate platforms will have a health category, I would recommend narrowing down the product you want to promote then find the platform it is on.  If you are specifically looking at CPA marketing, then it would be best to find a dedicated platform. CPA health programs will be listed under ‘Nutra offers’, which combine health and beauty.

I do use or recommend Clickbank. Why?  Because the products and merchant’s landing pages are atrocious e.g.! Yes you can get 70% commission, but what moron will convert on a page like that?

You can also narrow down your platforms if you want to do mobile only + Nutra

Awin (Formally Affiliate Window)

My favorite affiliate platform as it’s the only one with nice interface. Awin have hundreds of offers worldwide and there is bound to be something you can promote here in health.

Top Heath Affiliate Programs 4

More Niche

Moreniche keep their offers limited, only choosing high converting products. They state their average conversion rate is 4.35%.

MoreNiche also provide lifetime cookies, non of this 30 days BS! They also offer Bi-weekly payments.

Market Health

Market health has been running since 2008. They mainly have CPA offers but do have some revenue share deals, most offering 50% commission deals.

Dr Cash

Dr Cash specializes in Nutra CPA offers.

Sell Health

Another dedicated health affiliate platform with 30-50% commissions. A lot of these dedicated platforms will just white label their own products and get affiliates to sell them.

Affiliate Program by sellhealth.comth

Notes to Affiliates Entering the Health and Wellness Niche

Be careful what you promote and in what country, make sure they are actually legal!

Also double check with the advertising platform you will use if doing paid, I have been banned numerous times from Facebook for promoting products against their T&Cs – sometimes you don’t even know they are banned.  My last ban was for promoting a ‘stop smoking spray’ in Vietnam via Adcombo.

If you are looking to hit the health niche with SEO, be aware that many sites were recently hit with Googles updates back in August 2018. If you want to get organic traffic from Google you need to build an authority site, be prepared to invest time and money.

Think about your geos carefully, you don’t have to always target the USA or UK.

Creating a Health Trend

If you are clever or have enough budget you can create a trend. Watch this video on how Trey Lewellen created the ‘tactical flashlight niche’, and yes that are just flashlights with the word tactical lol.

The Flashlight Campaign that Ignited Native Advertising | AWeurope 2017