Google Blocking SEO Manipulation

Last Updated on May 13, 2011 by Content Team

Google is definitely working hard to stop us seo consultants from doing are work.   Google is pushing down organic search results for certain queries – this reduces the impact of organic SEO and allows Google to make more money from advertising.

I was just looking at the SERPs for ‘newcastle airport parking’, thinking an easy #1 position could be obtained.  Below the 2 ppc ads are the local listings…


Not only is the whole of the top fold Google ads & local listings (on my laptop), but scrolling down shows Newcastle Airport with a double indented listing.  Even if I got a #2 position, it’s so low down the page it would hardly get any traffic.   This type of SERP highlights the importants of Local SEO.   I believe Google will try and return more local listings for queries, before they introduce local listing ads into this 10 pack.