Should Newspapers Sell Links

This is a guest post by Nick Lewis. Nick specialises in copywriting and SEO for Brighton digital agency Bozboz Newspapers selling links is the latest open secret in SEO. Typically going for enormous prices (reflecting the link juice that comes with them), some newspaper groups stick to ‘sponsored’ sections in sidebars, whilst others are more …

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Google Adwords Keyword Options Explained

Google Adwords is an excellent digital marketing solution for people needing quick coverage across Google and for those who wish to complement their natural search activity by extending their coverage across a broader range of keywords. Some organisations also use Google Adwords to conduct keyword research prior to developing their natural search campaigns.

Google Adwords is a complex system that is built on the relationship between keywords, adverts and landing pages. It is advised to create groups of roughly 10-15 related keywords which are complemented by adverts that also contain elements of those keywords. Users are then sent to related landing pages. For many users, understanding the different keyword options and when to use them can be a little confusing.

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Matt Cutts Tells SEOs How To Link Build

Just watched this amusing video from Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam), on how to link build.  He looks a bit uncomfortable at the start as this is an area he does not like talking about, knowing the SEO community could jump on him. 

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